Easter In August…

Our Easter Celebration was scheduled for March… before the pandemic hit. Unfortunately, the airports closed and the teams bringing all of our party supplies had to cancel.

BUT – better late than never!!  The kids still had an absolute blast celebrating Easter in August! 🙂



We wanted to do something different this year – so we planned a Glow-In-The-Dark Theme!  We decorated the dance studio with neon chalk/tape, black-lights, & glowing decor. 


Indoor Fun:

The party started at 8pm and didn’t end until midnight!!  As the kids arrived, they were decked out with glow in the dark jewelry, glasses, & faceprint!

The kids were then split into 2 groups. One group stayed in the studio while the other group played games on the basketball court.

Those in the studio:  colored, play table pong, watched funny videos, danced, had a photo shoot, and filled up on popcorn, candy, & cupcakes. 


Outdoor Fun:

Those on the basketball court played: bottle frisbee, ring toss, darts, basketball, Kan Frisbee, & group relay races. Every game was a chance to win candy & prizes!


Easter Egg Hunt:

We ended our Easter Extravaganza with a glow-in-the-dark Egg Hunt! We hid 800 eggs – each with a mini glow stick in it! The kids were given flashlights to search the campus for the eggs. Prizes & candy were awarded for each egg they found! 

The kids said this was one of their favorite parties because they never get to stay up this late eating candy & playing games! 🙂 

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