New Year’s Team Day 3…

Hello friends and family! We had another successful day of women’s ministry today. An additional 30+ women joined us. Sharon talked about how God is always faithful and that He always keeps His promises to us. All of the women who brought their Bibles today got a homemade washcloth to take home with them.

In between Sharon and Telly’s talks, the ladies ate peanut butter sandwiches and drank Mama Gigi’s hot chocolate and played a game. The game was played with a balloon and a few cups. The goal of the game was to stack the cups by putting the balloon in a cup and blowing it up enough to lift it up and stack them all together.  We had four teams. Two of the ladies went against each other at a time, and the winners then faced each other in a best of three round. The women in the crowd cheered them on and there was lots of laughter and finally we had a winner. Telly then talked about light in the darkness and how God is our light and how we need to share the light of Him with others. We handed out glowsticks as a reminder to be the light as the women left today. 

After lunch, we painted more of the orphanage, we are almost finished with it! Only a few more places and we’re done. We played with the kids again today. We colored with them, played soccer, made beaded necklaces and bracelets, and played with a marble run. We listened to their favorite music which includes, Justin Bieber, The Greatest Showman, Jonas Brothers, and Highschool Musical. They sing at the top of their lungs and dance to it as well.

After that, Tom and I climbed a ladder to the top of the church and replaced the lightbulbs in the cross that sits up there. We have been working all these evening on putting together goodie bags for the children’s church with all sorts of trinkets in them. Alongside that, we have been prepping for New Year’s Eve. Sorting prizes and unpackaging what feels like a million glowsticks. I am so excited to see them all lit up tomorrow night

I hope you all are doing well (and staying warm!). I cannot wait to see you and tell you even more about our time here. 

So much love,  Lily Grace   


This team is so amazing!  What a lucky guy I am to have such a great group of ladies to carry out Women’s Ministry and pour into the women of the local community and the surrounding area. I know Telly and Sharon have put many hours into preparing, rehearsing and maybe even fretting over their talks but I am sure they have both hit “home runs” and have touched the hearts of those attending the conference.  

It has been a team effort to paint the exterior of the kids housing with a fresh new “green, green, green” color of paint.  Interesting in checking on the color, contact me when I return as I have yet shades of green on the finger nails and hands.

As the team was spending some time with the kids under the shacoon Mr. Tom delivered a candy surprise.  Each of the kids lined up as asked and one by one they received a Laffy Taffy, Nerds or Sweet Tarts.  They all are so thankful and appreciative such a little surprise.  What I liked most was hearing a simple “thank you” from each of them.

Looking forward to celebrating New Year’s Eve here in Haiti.

Enjoying our time Serving Him here in Haiti!!

Mr. Tom

Please feel free to leave comments…we will read them at dinner. Unfortunately, the internet has been SO slow and it’s taking forever to post the blogs. This blog is from Dec 30th.


  1. So cool to see you all at work for the Kingdom! We’re praying for your last few days there to be impactful.

    You might want to stay a few extra days … it’s cold and snowy and icy here. Just kidding about staying longer. We miss you and want you to come home.

    Good thing you’re not afraid of heights, Lily. That was WAY up there. Telly, I know your talks went great. So proud of you for doing that and being His vessel.

    All is well here. Don’t worry about us. Emma came today (Friday) to hang out with us. We’re going over to see her on Sunday afternoon.

    Finish well there! We can’t wait to see you! All our love …


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