New Year’s Team – Children’s Christmas Party!

This blog was written on Saturday, January 2nd.

Today was an AWESOME day as we had the privilege of hosting the Christmas Party for the Children’s Home! We not only got to celebrate with the kids, but with all of the mommas who work there too!

The kids have been asking to watch a movie with us every day, so we found some time this morning to show one. This worked out really well because it kept them distracted while we decorated for the party.

After blowing up balloons, decorating the tables, frosting cupcakes and wrapping silverware in napkins.. it was finally time to start the party!

The kids and mamas arrived around 5:30pm. We started our time off with a little bit of Christmas Coloring!  We played music and while they colored and took turns decorating cookies.

Tizzie and the mamas made so much food for everyone! We served them food, drinks, and hot chocolate to go in the mugs that they decorated as part of one of their crafts.

After we finished eating, the kids each performed in the talent show. They have spent months practicing for this night! There was lots of singing, dancing, and playing the drums. It was so fun and cute to watch as they cheered and clapped for each other. 

We ended the party after Santa (Tom) arrived to give the kids their presents! 

They were so excited about their gifts and it was sweet to watch them show each other what they got. Their faces lit-up with each present they received – even the smallest thing meant the world to them.

They all got goodie bags, candy, and cupcakes before they left, which I’m sure means they will be staying up late with a sugar rush!

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