Children’s Church Party – Christmas in April!


This past November, we started a brand new series in Children’s Church called Candyland!

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Candyland – Taste & See That The Lord is Good!


The kids have been earning points each week through attendance, memorizing scripture, answering questions, inviting friends, & winning contests!

On March 29th, we invited the top 60 kids (with the most points) to attend our special Christmas in April Party!  Now for some people….they may think it’s a bit strange to celebrate Christmas during Easter!

But you know… what’s more special than celebrating the birth of Christ during the same week where we celebrate His resurrection?  (At least that’s how I explained it to the kids and they were ALL ABOUT IT!)  

The truth is… I had to fly to the states for an unexpected surgery and we weren’t able to finish up the series until this spring! But I also think my explanation makes total sense as well! 🙂



The Party Starts…

The party began at 5pm. We started in the cafeteria as one big group. While the kids ate popcorn and watched funny videos – we passed out empty goody bags & did a little face-painting!

We then divided the kids into 2 groups. The girls went to the carnival while the boys stayed for crafts & group games. After 45 minutes – the 2 groups changed places.

For those who went to the carnival… they earned tickets at each game station. Those tickets were then used to “purchase” gifts from the prize table.

For those who stayed in the cafeteria… larger prizes such as hats, dolls, frisbees, sports balls, backpacks, flashlights, etc  –  were awarded during our coloring competition, craft competition, and group games.

**If you are involved in children’s ministry and are looking for a fun new game – might I suggest the Popcorn Game? It’s similar to Hot Potato, only when the timer goes off the popcorn goes flying in the air! Our adult staff, youth, and kids absolutely love it! 



We were so blessed to spend the week with the youth group from our main campus in St. Louis!  They actually ran the carnival for us – which had 18 game stations and our version of a Dunking Booth!

The carnival was arranged on the basketball court!  HOWEVER, 30 minutes before the party started – the wind picked up and sent ALL of our games flying!

Thankfully, we had a large group of helpers who were able to quickly move the carnival upstairs in the dance studio!



We came back together before the party ended for spaghetti/hot dogs, chiccos, juice, candy, & cupcakes! Everyone left with a full belly AND a full bag of prizes!

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  1. Looks like so much fun had by all. Celebrate LIFE anytime!
    Thank you for loving on the community

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