Texas Tech 2021 – Day 1

The group left Austin, TX early this morning and arrived safely in Haiti around 1pm! Everyone was in good spirits and excited for the week!

Tomorrow the group will blog about their journey and we will post many more pictures!

I know that friends & family are eager to hear from us… so rest easy tonight! All is well here in the Mole!

I wasn’t able to get everyone in the group photo… but I was able to capture this cool crew right after dinner! 🙂

Feel free to post comments. Comments will be read right after dinner each night. Reading comments is like getting mail at camp! The teams ALWAYS look forward to it!


  1. Have an awesome week on campus! Thank you for making the commitment to serve in Haiti.
    Tom Snivley

  2. Glad to hear y’all made it safely!! Continued prayers for all as you work this week being the hands and feet of Jesus. Look forward to reading the blog each day.

  3. Have an awesome week in Mission! Share passionately the love of Jesus with everyone you serve!

  4. Praying for you all! Glad to hear that you made your flights and arrived safely. We loved hosting Sunday evening—super glad to meet each of you. Hope you find plenty of opportunities to grow, share and serve.

  5. Want to know why nurses like red crayons?……….Sometimes they have to draw blood.

  6. Hello Ya’ll from Texas!
    So glad you all made it safely. I hope it is all going well. Shout out to Brad aka Mission Man and Bird Man for leading the team with Crazy Claire and Awesome Albert. Kate and Elizabeth, hope ya’ll are behaving yourselves, can’t wait till we get together and you share about your great journey in Haiti. Alexis and Shy hope you are loving being in Haiti, so glad ya’ll got to go. Drew, hope your getting lots of great pictures, this is the last trip as a single man…enjoy it. Hey Cole! Proud of all of you answering the call to go Haiti and love on the Haitian people. I am praying for you everyday and ask God’s protection for each of you. Keep up the great Kingdom work! Love you all!

  7. Red Raiders! Have a wonderful week of love, service and reflection for the beautiful people of Haiti. Betsy and Gene

  8. I was so happy to see the picture of you all safely in Haiti! Prayers for a great week!

  9. Hey so uhhm you guys missed the Lubbock tornadoes…..so ya that was interesting. But anyway have fun, learn a lot, do God’s work……..P.S I expect a ShyLex TikTok at some point on The trip

  10. Yay! Proof of life! So glad y’all made it safely! Enjoy your week! Praying that you will touch hearts and minds with your kindness and service this week. Courtney, the family says hello and love you! Hugs!! ❤😊 – Momma McGuire

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEXIS! What a great way to spend your birthday, serving others in Haiti along with your team members.

  12. Hello Ya’ll! I hope your day has been fantastic and your loving serving in Haiti! You have missed lots of rain and tornadoes in the big 806, been pretty exciting. Joel, Michael Spaulding and I had lunch today and we hope your doing well and praying for all of the teams health. The Martin’s would be glad to know Marlow is doing very well. Wanted to say hello to “Masonator” hope your having fun and glad you got to go. I saw your picture holding that precious baby, so sweet. Hey to the “Martin women”, Jodie and Maddi. Praying for you all everyday and asking God’s protection over you. Keep up the wonderful Kingdom work! Love you all!

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