Michigan Group – Day 5…

This morning in his devo, Tom talked about how we make the ark look cute so we don’t have to think about the seriousness of judgment. The kids arrived and recited their memory verses so they could get points for their team. Telly is such a great song leader and the kids were so excited to show off the dances they’ve been learning. Shelley then gave a lesson and talked about how Noah was obedient in following God’s directions. All 42 of the kids squeezed as tight as they could on the “ocean” tarp to listen to the lesson.

Lily led the teams in a game where the kids tried to find 2 matching sea creatures under buckets. The competition was tough in both rounds, and all the kids fought fiercely to win and get points for their team. In the end, the blue and green team ended up taking the win! In our closing program, Sharon talked about the hammerhead shark, and all the interesting ways God created them.  Hammer, our hammerhead animal pal, reminded us to “Nail Obedience.”

The kids then played ‘Simon Says’ to remind them to obey just like Noah! After a tough competition, we had one finalist from 3 teams compete, and the team with the lowest score, purple, was able to get extra points on the board!

In the afternoon, we took the campus kids to the beach. The water was too rough  to swim, so we quickly changed our plans and made the beach day a sand play day. We grabbed several 5 gallon buckets of water, and the team got a high level arm workout in, filling them up and bringing them to the sand. They boys enjoyed building channels of water in the sand and collecting many tiny treasures — including crabs. The girls found so much excitement in simply having the 5 gallons of water dumped on top of their head! Both groups loved rolling around and covering themselves in sand, just to have it all dumped off by the water.

After the busy afternoon, we made popcorn to prepare for movie night. Robin Hood was a hit and most of campus was exhausted by 9:30!

— Sharon


Shelley here, writing to you from Mole St Nicolas. This morning started with breakfast, devotions and final prep for VBS. The program went extremely well. How do I know? Telly had them on their feet dancing with energy, and they squished in so tight in the story area, I could hardly move when presenting the story for today, and the games brought out their competitive spirit no less than an olympians.

As if that wasn’t enough, in the afternoon, we took them to the beach, a treat for them. The kids had fun catching the tiniest crabs I have ever seen, playing in sand and water, and laughing A LOT! I was a spectacular landscape of blue water, mountains, palms, shells, coral and happy children. What a gift from God. Now, off for a movie night complete with popcorn and trail mix. Life is good.

— Shelley

** Hi Mom! Thanks for the encouragement. I am doing well. Please send money. ; ) Your favorite daughter. SMAR Xoxo

** Andrew and Audrey, I hope you are having a great week at camp. Andrew, you are a leader. Audrey, my A.G., I can’t wait to see your arm without the cast. Brian, get some rest. ; ) Hugs to the fur babies. Good night family. Xoxox


  1. Sounds like a great week.
    All is well at home with Andrew and Audrey and I am resting. Fur babies are full of energy and getting big. Keep having fun!

  2. Hi Shelley! Looks like a lot of fun and learning happening there. Hard to tell who is enjoying it more-the adults or the kids! 🙂 Keep up the great work all of you. Xoxo Sherri

  3. So cool! Keep up the great work, team!

    Telly, Emma and Lily: we miss you greatly. Love you guys. Can’t wait to see you next week but finish this week well!

    All my love – CMR

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