Michigan Group 2021 – Day 6…

Today was Puffin Day!!  Let me explain……Piers the Puffin was a our Feature Creature as a part of Ocean Commotion theme for the kids VBS.  Our team wore t-shirts that said “just a girl that loves Puffins”.  No, my shirt did not say that but I did have Dude Puffin on my shirt as a part of our daily Feature Creature.  The kids activities for the day were first off sharing their memory verses for the past two days and learning a new one for today.  Each child that recited their memory verses received points for their team.  Many of them did an awesome job in reciting them.

Lily and I spend some time at the cross.  The 14’ x 7’ cross we mounted on the roof of the church a few year back is not weathering well.  The cross members are rotting a bit due to the rain and the sun.  “Flex Seal” made the trip with me as a possible remedy to add some years to the cross.  So Lily and I set an extension ladder to the roof, climbed the ladder and then raised the ladder up to the flat roof so we could then get to the cross.  So, we spent some time at the “top of the cross” pouring Flex Seal into the seam and areas of distress.  Our prayer is that it helps the situation to extend the life of the wooden cross.

Again, I am so proud of the team and the work they are doing to make this week a week to remember for the kids and staff on the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission campus at Mole St Nicolas, Haiti.

— Mr Tom


During VBS, Sharon talked about how Noah trusted God, so we can also trust him. We paired the kids up into twos, and blindfolded one. The others job was to lead their teammate around the field and not let them run into the “obstacles” being the team leaders. Later in the morning, we played a game where 2 teams lined up and each member after another picked a picture of an animal out of a bucket and had to act and sound like that animal down and back the basketball court. It was so fun to see the kids different ways acting and sounding like the animal that they picked. Each team played two games and then switched. The kids are very competitive, and the team scores are tight!

When we came back together in the afternoon, we spilt each team into four smaller teams and gave them a sheet of tinfoil. Each team had 10 minutes to build a boat out of their foil. After their time was up, all of the boats were placed in pools of water and one by one, we added marbles to see which one would last the longest. We were down to the last two and we lost count of marbles but it was somewhere above 40 before one started taking on water. It was awesome to see the teamwork and pride in the creativity for this activity! So many fun games played today. This week has been so fun and I am looking forward to the rest of it with this team.

— Shelley


  1. You know that kind of bird is always out of breath?
    A puffin!

    Follow me for more bad jokes!

    Lily: that cross project is right up your alley. Good work.

    It’s been busy here, but good. We’re surviving! Love you guys and miss you tons!


  2. Good stuff. Love seeing the work y’all continue to do. Keep it up. Love and miss yall! -Noah

  3. Mom and Dad! Sounds like your trip is going well and love hearing all about VBS. I also love seeing some pictures of Christina! The kids have enjoyed that as well! Not sure if you got my comment from a couple days ago….I may have commented too late for it to be read. Know that I’m praying for you! Love you!!

  4. *I’m sorry if I post twice, idk if first comment went through*

    HELLO FRIENDS!! Wow I am so in love with everything that you are doing this week in the Mole! Seeing the photos of my favorite people and reading what y’all are doing every day is getting me through my week. Sadly I lost my grandma Monday, it’s been a hard week but seeing all your love and excitement in the Mole and with the kiddos makes my heart so happy. Each of you are truly the light of God, keep spreading his love. I love and miss you all, I so wish I could be there, I could go for a big helping of Haitian spaghetti right now! Lily, tell Presley that I love and miss him, I promise I’ll be back soon. Mr. Tom, you better be careful on the roof, Sharon needs you to clean the ceiling fan when you get home! I can’t wait to read how the week finishes out and what team comes out on top, it’s truly a nail biter! Also, I’m super obsessed with your shirts this week, and I hope you’re having a whale of a time!

    Keep being amazing, keep smiling, keep spreading love and joy, and most importantly keep sharing His word. Sending all my love, hugs and laughter to you all. Can’t wait to hear all about the trip, hopefully in person so very soon!

    Carlee Jo

    Emma and Lily, I need a chick fil a fix, so I’ll be down in your area soon, I’ll stop over! 🙂

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