Michigan Group 2021 – Day 8…

Miss Beth did devos this morning on Rev. 21:1-5 reminding us “but You remain.”

We should ask God to wring us out — that whatever I have He should wring every bit of it out of me. Speaking of wringing it out, we woke up bright and early to rinse and wring out 42 tie dyed t-shirts so they could be washed and dried and the kids could wear them this afternoon.

All of the teams had more trouble with memory verses today than usual. They must be wearing down. Today’s theme was Fear God – take Him seriously. Shelley talked about following rules and consequences for not following them. The teams then did Skittle Skattle, kind of like capture the flag.  Each person was given a Skittle and they had to try to get it in the other team’s bucket without being tagged. If they were tagged they HAD to eat their Skittle and get another one. Yes, you can see where this is going with the littles!! Before we broke for lunch, we gave the kids their tie-dy shirts so they could wear them this afternoon. It as so fun to pass out their t-shirts and see their reactions at how they turned out.

After lunch, the teams returned to recite today’s memory verse and as many of the previous days verses as they could. I might have mentioned to Laika and Charadina to practice with the team to make sure they knew all the verses. Sure enough every member of the green team knew all 5 verses! Woo Hoo! We then did Skittle rainbows on paper plates then had them color popsicle sticks to remind them of the rainbow. What fun to see their faces when we gave them their snack of blue jello cup with Swedish fish in it.

We had the teams choose 1 person for arm wrestling.  Had them lie on the floor so they wouldn’t cheat.  Poor purple had no one volunteer so Hannah volunteered to challenge 3 boys…..and she WON! Her team was pretty excited. Of course, the boys said they wanted to do it on a table!! Today’s Creature Feature was the dolphin. We learned different characteristics about them and that we should Fear God like Noah. I’ll let Lily tell you about the rest of the fun!



Today was so so fun! As Sharon mentioned, the kids were challenged to say all five of their verses. If they said all five, they got a bonus 100 points for their team. They also got points for arm wrestling. We told them who got forth and third place but we didn’t just want to announce the final scores in a boring way. The “trophy” was one of the stuffed animals we used as our “Creature Feature” of the day.

Emma and I would grab it and pretend the green team won, and then the blue team, back and forth. Finally Sharon announced that the green team won, but only by a few points…a few hundred that is! They were all so excited! The other teams did a wonderful job at congratulating the green team. Shaking hands, giving pats on the back, and saying good job.

Sharon and I got made fun of by our team members, because she was in charge of points, and I ran games. They were telling us we “rigged it”. Sharon and I owe the win entirely to the kids. They played so hard in the games, gave them their all. They were also so good about learning all their verses, and helping the littles learn theirs too.

After all that was over, we handed out certificates of completion to each of them. We then took them outside and gave them handfuls of powdered paint in the colors or the teams. Red, green, blue, and purple. Kenson, one of the translators, counted them down, and they all threw it into the air. It was so fun to see all of the colors mix in the air, and to see the joy on the kids faces as it came down. This week was a blast with the kids, and I’m sad that our week is coming to a close, but excited for our last few days here.


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  1. The tie dye shorts look amazing. So exciting to see all the smiling faces. Praying every day for you. 💛

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