Michigan Group 2021 – Day 7…

Today was another full day at the Ocean Commotion Kid’s Camp! Our theme today was all about the Ark coming to rest and Noah sending out the raven and then the dove. After the dove brought back the olive branch and Noah and his family came out, Noah gave thanks. The children learned another memory verse as well that reminded them to ”give thanks to God in everything”.  Almost all the kids said their memory verse, if they memorized it, from yesterday and gained more points for their teams. After the memory verse, song, and worship dances we headed outside for a competition.

For the first game Lily set up ping pong balls in the soccer field and each team took turns to see how many they could collect within a two minute timer. Our team, (Team Red) finally won a competition! I think they surprised themselves as well as Tom and I! At the end of the morning we played another game where they had to try to hit a beach ball into any of the other three teams’ corner.  This was finally won by the blue team. We paused for lunch and enjoyed rice with cabbage and carrots.

After lunch, we came back together for a busy afternoon filled with a tie-dye station, a kiddie pool filled with Orbeez, bubbles and chalk, and coloring pages. This has been such a joy to spend the week with the children and learn along side of them how God takes such perfect care of each one of us. I feel very blessed to have been a part of this trip. I have been leading worship this week, and today the kids were so loud doing the motions was such a joy. I miss all of you boys at home and wish you were here!

Each of the teams looks turns working through each of our stations we had set up across the campus.  The first station was in the cafeteria where they all started.  Mom, Abbey and Tom helped keep everyone busy with coloring pages. A few at a time, they made their way to the soccer field where Lily and I were and they each got to make their own tie dye t-shirt.  They are all so creative! I loved getting to watch as they all carefully chose their own color combinations.  I can’t wait to see how they all turn out.

After they left the soccer field they went on to the basketball court where they had bubbles, chalk, and a pool full of orbees (water beads) to play in. Shelley, Sharon and Miss Beth spent time at that station with each of the teams. Shelley said the kids were sitting/walking in the orbees, they loved it.  She said at one point the kids weren’t listening to her even though she had given them direction several times. She reminded them of the sign language from the lesson on Tuesday, “obey God”. The kids remembered and made the connection to obey Shelley and Miss Beth too. They continued on and made a list of all the adults in their life they need to obey.  What a great lesson Shelley! The final station was fossil making.  Each of the kids got some play dough and a plastic animal and they made imprints of the animals and left them out to dry.  They will pick them up with their t-shirts tomorrow.

After we finished all the stations we finished the VBS day with popsicles and a skit from Sharon and Abbey. Our creature feature today was Paws the Otter. Sharon shared with all the kids about how the otter takes good care of it’s babies and was created perfectly in every way, like how it carries around a rock so it can crack open clams. Mom joked that we have all learned more about animals this week from Sharon than any of us did in school! But really I have learned so much this week just from watching these kids. God places us all in situations and locations for a specific reason. He never does anything by accident and he always has a bigger and  better plan. Our expectations will never measure up to the greatness of His plan.  I have been amazed at how hard each of this kids work to memorize a new verse each day. Tomorrow they will have the chance to recite all five for extra points.  It has really made me realize that I need to spend more time memorizing scripture. I am so very thankful to be here.

I miss you all at home and wish I was sharing all of these experiences with you right here in Haiti.

We closed out our night with a movie night for the kids. We showed the movie Evan Almighty and passed out pop tarts and fruit snacks for their snack. It took them a minute to catch on but when they realized Evan was just like Noah, they loved it. They all applauded when the animals boarded the boat and they laughed at it a lot.  Excited for another day of Camp tomorrow and a full weekend ahead!

Telly & Emma


Hello my Number One! Thanks for the words of love and encouragement. It means a lot to me. You would love this beautiful country, fun kids, and all of the nicest people doing a lot of selfless work. And, spaghetti is served with Haitian spice. Yum! Shelley xox

Sherri, you are correct in your observations. The team is having as much fun as the kids. It’s not hard to have fun, the children laugh and smile at everything on God’s green earth! It’s contagious. Love you. Xo


  1. What a great week!
    Shelley sounds like your lessons were meaningful and impactful.
    All is well at home.
    Cannot wait to see you next week.

  2. Hi girls! Love the pictures again today.

    From Jack: We miss you. The house is clean. And we haven’t had junk food every day.

    From Harry: I miss you and I want you to come home. Surprisingly, the house is still intact.

    From me: I can’t wait to see you all. Looks like such an awesome week with the kids. So happy that you got to go and use your talents.

    We’re playing Tenzi now before bed. I tried to keep up the running without you, Telly, but it’s been hard. It’s been hot, humid and there’s been a lot of rain. Did I mention the hail earlier???

    By the time you get this, you’ll have finished VBS. Enjoy the weekend and we can’t wait to see you!


  3. Wow you’ve had a wonderful busy week of course beautiful weather I love the t shirts I’m sure the children there love love love you all Gods blessings as you finish your days and return to your homes The landscape there is so beautiful

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