Update from Today’s Earthquake…

First of all & most Importantly – EVERYONE ON BOTH CAMPUSES ARE SAFE!

Currently our family is divided between KY and Haiti. We have 4 kids in the states but the rest of my kiddos are still in Haiti.

Rosie told me she was convinced that Mikela & Fabi  were playing a joke on her… by rigorously shaking the bed to force her to wake up. It took a while before everyone processed what happened.
Jose & the 4 kids who are stateside – will be heading back home next week. I will need to stay out a little longer for continued medical treatment.


🔸 There was minor damage to some of our buildings in St. Louis – a few shattered windows, a dozen more cracks in the walls, etc. THANKFULLY there were no collapsed buildings or injuries to report in our area.

🔸 We have many staff on both campuses who have family in the south. Several are still waiting to hear back from them. When the 2010 earthquake happened, Jose was in PAP while I was in St. Louis. I remember those first few days vividly – wondering if he survived. We sent my dad and a group of Haitian leaders down to find him and provide assistance.

So please keep all of the Haitian communities in your prayers – as the results from this devastating earthquake continue to unravel.

🔸 Yesterday we were blessed with 3700 jars of peanut butter!

IF this earthquake is anything like last time – those who lost their homes will head up north looking for refuge with relatives. IF SO – then we fully anticipate another swelling in our communities from those who will now be displaced.

This peanut butter will be more of a blessing than we ever realized! Thank you so much Margaret Lomison for collecting, packing, loading, driving, and then unloading all of it again!

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  1. My prayers are with you and all the people in Haiti. Give my love to your family. Dianne Bunn

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