It’s Looking A Lot Like Christmas…and Santa needs your help!


I have some GREAT news to share about the long awaited boat supplies!  However, due to the current political climate & safety concerns, I must be very careful about what is shared on public platforms. We are currently working with tech support to adjust the privacy settings on our blogs  – so that we can manage who has access to certain updates.

The embassy has warned all Americans to leave the country right now… due to the fuel/food shortages AND the rapidly increasing gang violence.

My dad started the mission 42 years ago while my mom was pregnant with me. Jose & I just celebrated our 20th anniversary. We were married on May 25th, 2001on the mission’s main campus. We chose to marry in Haiti  – so we could celebrate with the friends/communities we would spend our lives serving.

Just like the vows we made that day  “ In sickness & in health – In good times & in bad” – Jose & I have stood hand in hand – right alongside our Haitian brothers & sisters.  We have stayed through all the coos, airport closings, natural disasters, & supply shortages.

Though Haiti has become completely unpredictable and often unrecognizable – God’s sovereignty & the calling He placed in our hearts –  remains unchanged.

We appreciate your continued love, support, & prayers as we continue to fight the good fight!



This Christmas Season, we want to overwhelm the community with –  great tidings of comfort and joy!  And lots of laughter too!

This year has been a never-ending cycle of panic and fear as Haiti goes from one crisis to the next. BUT – it doesn’t have to stay that way.  I desperately want this season to be full of JOY & GREAT expectation! Only God can redeem our pain – but I would love to have a hand in helping them trade their sorrows!



Here are all the ways your donations can bring JOY this year!


Christmas Movie Nights $250.00

Last year our basketball courts were filled to capacity with hundreds of Haitian adults and children joining us each night for a movie and popcorn! At random times during these 10 nights – we surprised them with bags of rice, beans, clothes, toiletries, etc!  Help us buy rice, beans, and popcorn in Haiti as we continue the tradition of our fun-filled movie nights!

Check out what we have done before: Movie Nights




On Christmas Eve at noon we will invite 200 elderly folks from the community to join us for a hot meal! We try to make this a meal to remember  – offering goat, rice, beans, and vegetables. Help us buy this amazing meal for these sweet, precious folks!

Check out what we have done before: Elder Feeding



Christmas Eve Service $575

On December 24th, we will host a special Christmas Eve Service. Before it concludes, we will pass out PB sandwiches and hot chocolate!  We have PLENTY of peanut butter but the pricing above includes sending  the adults home with a bag of rice/beans to feed their families on Christmas Morning!

Check out what we have done before: Christmas Eve



Pumpkin Soup For New Years – 2200.00

On New Year’s Eve our ladies work through the night cooking the traditional Pumpkin Soup that is shared with the neighborhood! This is Haiti’s biggest Holiday  – their Independence Day – January 1st!  Help us buy the supplies to provide this traditional meal for 200+ children in the Mole, for the villagers of Karenage, and the villagers of Preskul. 

Check out what we’ve done before: Pumpkin Soup



Help us Make A Difference For Struggling Families 

In the upcoming weeks, we will be posting about our special give-aways, services, activities, games, etc. – all of which were made possible because of the generous donations for our annual shipping!

If you would like to support our efforts to make this season that much brighter for our Mole Community – Click here for the Online Payment Center  **Please mark: Mole Christmas in the notes section…or you can also specify which event you’d like your funds to go towards.  

Or mail checks to:

7984 West State Road 32
Lebanon, IN 46052
**Please mark: Mole Christmas in the notes section…or you can also specify which event you’d like your funds to go towards. 


  1. Your hearts and activities do make this a glorious time of the year and bring hope to the Haitian people. Thank you for how you love them!❤️💚❤️

  2. Your love for the Mission, and the people are a special gift God has given to all there at the Mole campus. This special time of the year shows hope for all in the community. Prayers continue.

  3. We are so proud of how you continue to support the people of Haiti and face fears with the protection of Christ. We are hoping you can bring a lot of joy to the community this season and want to ensure all of your planned activities are funded. With love and Support

    1. I am completely overwhelmed by your generosity for our family and ministry. There really aren’t words to express what it means to us! No coal in the stockings for our community this year!

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