4th of July Party…


– That awkward moment…. When you sign into your account excited to talk about our new children’s church theme… only to realize that there are 4 unfinished blogs  – dating all the way back to our 4th of July Party! (Which I am sharing now). 

Though I realize most of those posts are totally outdated/irrelevant  – they’re still a great reflection of how our campus spent this past summer/fall.  

If you are looking for an update on our family, I posted one this past month on our family site  – life offering.org


At the end of June, our therapy team traveled to Haiti for a fun-filled & much needed training trip!! It was an INCREDIBLE week!

They not only poured into my family & our missionaries – but they also

  • Continued training me on how to do therapy with traumatized children
  • They organized our brand new therapy room – it’s awesome!
  • They met with our campus kids to talk about emotions & body changes
  • They created a safe space/platform for our staff to talk about the assassination of the President (which happened that very week).
  • They met with teachers to discuss ways to handle bad behavior, recognize abuse, & other creative ways to reward children (even if you don’t have money to buy candy/treats for them). 

(I’ll have more about that In the next blog)


On the 4th of July, we hosted a party for the kids who earned the most points in Children’s Church. Points are earned by attendance, inviting visitors, completing homework, answering questions, and memorizing scripture.

The night started off with face painting, 4th of July tattoos, glow jewelry, & neon nail polish!

The kids were then divided into 2 groups.
-One group went to the dance studio where there were laser lights, light-up foam batons & balls, as well as neon paint!! The kids played group games & danced their hearts out.
-The other group was in the cafeteria where they did crafts, watched cartoons, & played their favorite game – the popcorn game. 🍿

After the kids switched groups, we sat down for our hot dogs & spaghetti meal!  Each child took home goodie bags with prizes, candy, & cupcakes! The night ended with fireworks! 🧨💥

Here are some pictures below…. (Better late than never!)



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  1. A few weeks ago a Haitian lady won a food challenge on Guys Grocery Food Network show she made Haitian spaghetti. She said it was a comfort food in Haiti. I said “yep” and it is good. The judges were amazed at how good hotdogs and spaghetti could taste together.

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