Halloween Party 2021…

As I have mentioned before, there are several activities from the past few months that were never finished or posted to the blog. I know it seems like all we do is have parties!! That’s really not the case. It’s just that parties are often the events where we take the most pictures….and are the safest things to post about on public platforms.

As many of you already know, this October Miss Beth retired. I have a blog that will be posted soon about her last week here. Honestly, It’s a very emotional blog for me to write….so I keep putting it off. Sometimes there just aren’t enough words to describe what someone means to your family and ministry. As I think back through our times together, there are so many tears that I can’t see the keyboard anyways.

We hadn’t planned to do anything for Halloween, but the campus was so overwhelmed with sadness after she left, that we felt like it was important to do something fun. So this party was just for our residents as a “pick-me-up”.

There’s so many forms of entertainment for those of us who live in the states. But for Haiti, there’s really not a lot to do on the weekends. Children’s games & outdoor games are a campus favorite! Every year I try to find something new for us to play. The adults love it just as much as the kids.

For our Halloween Party, we had several game stations that the kids rotated through. We also played a few group games as well. There was face painting, crafts, popcorn, cartoons, snacks, candy, cupcakes, and prizes! I think their favorite game was rolling pumpkins in a race to the finish line! The best part of that game is that we can save the pumpkins for our New Year’s Pumpkin Soup Feedings!

Below are a few pictures from our fun-filled night!  

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