Happiness Starts Within Your Sole!

Something we often take for granted is a great pair of shoes! Think about how many hours a day you are on your feet!

For those of you who are parents, you know what a tedious & expensive task it is to keep up with growing feet. Now imagine doing that for 33 kids!

Even though our kids take excellent care of their shoes, Haiti’s ground is just a rough place to walk on. Many of the limited shoes that we have access to in town, end up shredding within a few months.

That’s why we want to take this moment and give our sincerest thanks to CJ Bowry, the founder of Sal’s Shoes!  Sal’s Shoes is based in the U.K. Their goal is to collect gently used shoes, and repurpose them to other organizations in need.  Check out their website & ministry: https://www.salsshoes.com

Below are some pictures of our  INCREDIBLY THANKFUL Kiddos!  I wish I took a video of the kids, as they created their own runway and modeled their new shoes! 

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