On December 10th, we had 156 people playing bingo in our cafeteria! We started at 4:30pm and finished at 9pm! Bingo is just one of our ways of doing community give-always. It’s not safe to randomly pass out food & supplies downtown. But what we can do, is go downtown and pass out invitations to a game night – which allows us to safely distribute gifts within our gates! All of our staff members (52 total for our campus) invited 3 people from the community to participate in this special night!

Malaya and Momma Gigi managed the prize tables. Levi & Gabe took turns writing all the numbers for the projector. Asher helped me call numbers – while Rosie & Mikela helped the mommas who couldn’t read/write.

Our prize tables included: toiletries, backpacks, purses, clothes, sheets, rugs, dishes, umbrellas, ponchos, toys, games, hats, belts, shoes, peanut butter, rice/beans, pots/pans, jewelry, candles, school supplies, balls, speakers, headphones, phones, etc!

We made sure that everyone left as a winner… even if they didn’t technically have BINGO. EVERYBODY left with money in their pockets and prizes in their hand.

All of them were so thankful for the gifts/money – and the ability to choose gifts for their loved ones!

It’s one of our most rewarding nights as a family! All of my kids brought up how much fun it was to watch everyone yell BINGO … and to see the smiles on their faces as they shopped for prizes!

Here are a few pictures from our night….



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