It was a non-stop, activity-filled, Easter Extravaganza here in Mole St Nicolas! 

Thursday morning, the Easter Bunny arrived early –  bringing us 2 priceless gifts – Tom & Sharon Snivley!

As if that weren’t enough.… Saturday Evening we partied with 30 kids from the community for 2.5 hours! These kids have been attending children’s church every week and have earned the most points out for 220 kids!

We are beginning a new 3-month theme this week called – YOU’VE GOT TALENT! 

We did not decorate for Easter this weekend. Instead, the cafeteria has been transformed into a “Hollywood-ish Movie Cinema”. We have a 4-ft box of popcorn in the rafters….as well as a VIP section with velvet ropes!

It’s the poor man’s version of glitz – glamour – and gaudy! As if you would expect anything less from me! (bwahahahahaha). 

Below are some pictures of our transformation….



As for the party…

We started the party at 7pm. As the children entered the party, they received glow bracelets & a necklace. (The necklaces were used to divide the children into 2 groups – purple/pink vs yellow/green). 

While the kids sat at the tables, we drew little bunnies on their face!  We then started the night with popcorn and a cartoon called, Jesus’ Last Day. This cartoon is actually in Creole.  It’s a 9-minute video that explains all that Jesus went through on the day of HIS crucifixion.

Afterwards, 1/2 the group colored while the other 1/2 played two games  – – a golf game & a bean basket toss game. Each child was awarded with a special bracelet & a flashlight which they would use for the egg hunt!

After 20 minutes, the groups switched places. All the girls were awarded with little rings for their excellent coloring! The boys were also awarded with cool sunglasses for their fantastic coloring as well!

After games/coloring, everyone enjoyed 2 peanut butter sandwiches & a nice cold soda!





It was nearly 9pm before we were able to start the Easter Egg Hunt! EVERYONE on campus marveled at how beautiful the yard looked –  with all the shining lights! Instead of using glow-sticks for the eggs, we used little round balls that typically go in balloons. They are SO much brighter and last several days longer!

I teased that we should put eggs out EVERY NIGHT –  so the campus can shine bright all year long!

Before the party finished, everyone hunted for 30 eggs! Each child received a LARGE bag full of candy/toys & a cupcake before they left!

After the party was finished, we walked the children into town so their families could pick-them up after the party!  It was SO MUCH FUN!

On Sunday Morning, we will have a special Easter Service starting at 6am! We will pass-out  peanut butter sandwiches and hot chocolate at the conclusion of the service.

On Monday night, we will be hosting another Easter Party & Hunt! This time it will be with EVERYONE who lives on campus – adults AND kids alike! The kids will hunt for eggs in exchange for candy. BUT the adults will hunt for eggs that could contain money! It’s gonna be a blast!

***The internet has been really slow, but we will post pictures from those activities very soon!

Below are pictures from our SATURDAY NIGHT-TIME HUNT! 



  1. Fun times by all. It has been a week of sharing the Easter season with our Haitian family and friends!

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