Easter Sunday In The Mole…

It’s a blessing to be here at Mole St Nicolas, Haiti celebrating Easter with Abbey, the Castillos and our Haitian friends.  

The morning started with heavy rain showers. We were unsure if the service would be cancelled, as the roads were slippery & caked in mud.  However, by 8am, the sky began to clear and the church came alive with worship. 

Following the service, everyone was invited over to the cafeteria for some delicious Haitian hot chocolate and peanut butter sandwiches.



Just after 12pm, we enjoyed an Easter lunch with Abbey and the Castillo family. Chef Jose & Sharon – did all of the cooking but I brought the Honey Baked Ham! 🙂


Before the evening closed, we walked downtown to watch a local dance & singing competition hosted by one of the Catholic churches. It’s a 6-week competition held every Sunday evening. Mikela and Malaya were asked to be judges. The place was PACKED with wall -to-wall people.


We are looking forward to playing with the kids, preparing for the Campus Egg Hunt, and spending these next few days in the Mole! – Tom Snivley

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  1. Happy Easter to my Friends in the Mole! What a beautiful community to spend this time with. I’m sure the music and sounds of children laughing made the Heavens smile. Have fun! Shelley

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