Summer Games – Week 2




Even though we spent 90 minutes on Part 1  – I managed to trim the video down to 4 minutes!

We laughed SO HARD during this part! SEVERAL people memorized the routine…but drew a blank as soon as it was their turn!

Gabriel was SO sure he had it – but his nerves got the best of him! He reacted SO well when he messed up- and everyone responded by cheering him on to do it again!

Regardless of whether you knew the routine or not – no one left feeling ashamed! Though it was ultimately a competition – we were also one big family who rooted for one another.

I’m not sure if the music will play with the video or notsometimes websites remove the audio from specific videos.  

But either way – it’s still quite amusing to watch kids as young as 4 & as old as 70 – performing in front of everyone!



Each team leader chose 5 of their best players to compete together. We also chose 5 supervisors who were responsible for watching each individual. It wasn’t about whether you were in-sync or not. It was about performing the routine without any errors.

So if someone was faster than you – and passed you the cup before you were ready…  as long as you didn’t mess up when you grabbed it, you were still given points.

The team who was able to go the most rounds without errors, won this part of the competition.  




Each of the 3 teams were required to make-up their own routine with the cups. If you haven’t voted for your favorite team, please make sure you go to this blog to cast your vote: VOTE NOW


We focused mostly on videos instead of taking pictures. But we did capture some of the fun and posted those images below!  


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