Summer Games Week 3…


Before I share about our fun-filled game night, I wanted to announce that Team 2 won the Cups Competition! Team 1 was Malaya’s group, Team 2 was Mikela’s group, and Team 3 was Abbey’s group! Thanks so much for voting and playing along with us!

Also, if you haven’t had a chance to read about our “Last Day Of School” Celebration – you can check it out by clicking this link:  Beach Party



For this week’s competition, we headed to the basketball court!  Last week, we focused on “CUPS” which didn’t require a lot of physical movement. So THIS WEEK we decided to run around the court!

The first game we played was called BURRITO DODGE BALL. 

This game is just like regular dodgeball, only you use inflatable burritos that are 3 feet tall!

We had planned for ONLY the younger kids to play this game. HOWEVER – as soon as the adults saw how fun it was – they insisted they play too! LOL!


The second game we played was called BUMPER CARS. 

We planned for the first game to be for the kids and this second game to be for the adults!

This game can be played with 2-4 players. The way it works is –  Each player must hold a “ring” behind their backs before the game starts. The purpose of holding the ring is to make it impossible for them to use their arms to push others. The ONLY way they can get other players “out of bounds” is to use their caboose to BUMP them out!


The third game we played was a 3-part relay race.

Part 1:  Throw bean bags into a Hulu Hoop
Part 2:  Spin around with a bat and run across stepping stones
Part 3:  Throw a frisbee into a can

I’m actually not sure who ran the most during this game. I’m pretty sure it was Abbey & Malaya – as they were constantly managing 2 different stations.


Below are some clips from tonight’s festivities! ENJOY!

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