Holiday Feedings Both Young and Old

Our internet has been down the last few days, but I will try to post a few blogs from our past week’s celebrations!

Last week, we invited both the children from our community and our elderly to participate in two different holiday activities!


We hosted 200 children at 4pm last Sunday for a Christmas movie & a hot meal! It was an afternoon full of fun & fellowship!


On Christmas Eve, we held our annual holiday meal with the elderly in our community. We invited 150 sweet   little men and women for a delicious meal at 1pm. We know how difficult it is right now to find meats or other various fruits/vegetables. The markets are still bare in our area. For the first time in 12 years, we will not be able to deliver pumpkin soup to the fishing villages this New Years – as we cannot find the needed ingredients to make it.

However, since Malaya flew back here for the holidays, we loaded up her plane with chicken, vegetables, & other hard to find ingredients for these special meals. Being able to provide a variety of foods for this celebration was truly a treat for these precious souls. They were SO thankful! There was enough food in the cartons for them to eat now & have leftovers for later.


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