Thanksgiving Week in the Mole…

Urgent Prayer Request: Currently, we only have power a few hours a day. Our generator overheated on Thanksgiving night and we haven’t been able to start it since.

Though I know there’s so much to be thankful for, it’s been very disheartening to only having power from 7pm-9pm. We have always been able to use our generator for a few hours in the morning and a few hours at night – making it possible to keep up with our daily needs and charge batteries.

This is our most active season of ministry. To say it’s miserable right now would be an understatement. 

Please pray we find the parts we need to fix our generator AND that it’s repairable.


Below are a few pictures and stories from our fun-filled Thanksgiving Week.

Rice & Beans Giveaways

For security reasons, we did not take pictures of these giveaways. We didn’t want the community to be targeted for receiving food – or bring extra attention to our own campus. We have done 12 food giveaways. EACH giveaway served a minimum of 50 families and/or as many as 250 families. We changed the times and locations of these events –  just to ensure extra privacy and safety.

Peanut Butter – Get One & Give One

We passed out 100 jars of peanut butter on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. We printed Matthew 22:39 on the jars. The verse says to love your neighbor as yourself!  We wanted to create a platform for our employees to evangelize and bring a smile to someone in need.


Unfortunately, the shelves are empty here in the Mole. There weren’t many options for creating a fancy Thanksgiving Meal for our campus. BUT – we did invite all the kids to the cafeteria for a special meal with all the spices/condiments that we bought in PAP, a cake, popcorn, and a movie! We also cancelled school Thursday and Friday which meant they were able to play all day long!


Sigora has continually shortened the number of hours we have electricity. We had planned to cook a big meal for 250 children. However, without having consistent power to cook & serve the food, we decided to bag up the rice/beans for the kids to take home.

Would you believe that all of the lights in the photos below are battery-powered or have a USB plug? The entire night was powered by multiple battery back-up packs & batteries!! We had 250 children join us Saturday evening. We started with the movie, allowing time for everyone to arrive inside the cafeteria. We then stopped the movie to pass out suckers, popcorn, and rice/beans. The kids were SO thankful! Though we had really hoped to feed them at hot meal that night, the food we sent home will feed several people.

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  1. Much love and grace and peace to you all from Leicester, UK. Other than $$$$$, is there anything else we might be able to do from here to help you remotely? “I am a doctor, not an engineer Jim” but I do have friends here with expertise. Sending you all BIG HUGS and much love.

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