Being An Anchor In A World Full Of Waves…


Mission Navigation is a non-profit Christian ministry that custom builds rugged, safe work-boats for third world missions. Check out their ministry here:

For the past several years –  they have been working diligently on a ministry vessel for our campus. With this boat, we will be able to deliver barrels of water to the fishing villages. We built cisterns for them several years ago – anticipating this magnificent evangelism tool!

You’ve heard of shuttle vans…this will be our shuttle boat! Now we will also be able to bring the children & adults to the Mole for our medical clinic, church, women & teen conferences, as well as other various activities!

If you read the articles below, you can hear all about their ministry and our boat!! Please pray for a safe & drama-free delivery of this incredible vessel! We can NOT wait to for its arrival! 






    1. Yes and no. The Haitians never use jackets and are not available to purchase anywhere here. However, we bought dozens of them in the states and shipped them in our crates.

      When we had teams visiting regularly, we rented boats so we could minister there and had around 30 of them in great condition. We shared them with anyone who needed them.

      Since the political drama – there’s no boats to rent and it’s been several years since anyone has needed them. We recently opened the storage closet – and sadly – many have been destroyed by rats.

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