Annual Staff Christmas Meal…

I started writing this blog over a month ago, but completely forgot to post it! Oops!

On December 19th, we hosted our annual staff meal and party! It was SO MUCH fun and provided a much needed time of fellowship! Though we had to cancel the majority of our Christmas festivities – I knew how important it was to do everything we could to keep this celebration in tact!

On Thanksgiving Day, all the staff drew names for secret santa. I gave each of them the same amount of money to spend on their person, so that participating in the fun didn’t cause any unnecessary stress.

The day before the party, each person privately guesses who drew their name. IF they guess correctly – they win a cash prize. If they guess incorrectly – the person who drew their name wins a cash prize! The winners are announced at the party.

This game is ALWAYS a ton of fun – especially the big reveal! Usually there are “no secrets” in Haiti! Everyone tells everybody’s business! HAHA!  But since there’s cash prizes to be won – it’s the best kept secret in town!

It’s truly a surprising reveal – which you can see in the photos below! Everyone hoots and hollers during this game!


Usually… we have a food buffet that seemingly goes on forever – with a variety of foods that our staff rarely has the chance to eat & enjoy. This year, we did the best we could with what we could find.

Usually… we have a ton of lights both inside the room and outside – along with many more gaudy decorations! This year – everything in the room was either battery-powered or had a USB plug. The outside was completely dark.

Usually… we play 90 minutes worth of games and winners receive a variety of much needed gifts. This year – we played bingo and gave away small cash prizes.

Usually…. everyone fills up on food – they laugh until they cry – and they enjoy a few hours completely void of burdens and problems!  This year – it was no different! 

Though I love to “go big or go home” – the most important thing remained the most important thing. It was simply showing-up and making the most of all the blessings God has given us!

The Set-Up

The Food

The Fun


  1. I’m so glad that you had the opportunity to still have fun! I love the pictures! God bless you all!

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