We have an awesome & busy summer planned here in the Mole! I am going to list a few upcoming activities so you can be praying for them!

At the end of this post – you’ll see pictures from last month’s Glow In The Dark Party! It was such a blast!


Starting next week, we will be hosting an 8-week Princess-Themed Camp! We have identified 20 girls who are in desperate need for love, encouragement, self-esteem, and trauma therapy. We will meet for 3 hours every afternoon Monday-Thursday. We have turned the therapy room into a frilly, beautiful palace!

We will do crafts, lessons on building self-esteem/confidence, play games, and dress-up each day. We will also provide PB sandwiches during our daily tea-party – as well as serve an extra special dessert on Thursdays.

We will become intimately involved in their personal lives as we work through their trauma. We know that this ministry will require financial supporters/partners in order to make a real impact

We are hiring 3 full-time leaders to work with us daily. We also want to rescue moms/children by renting safe spaces for them to live and provide micro-financing opportunities –  so they can become financially independent from their abuser.

Please pray for this ministry. If you would like to be more involved – we will be asking for financial help in the upcoming blogs. This link will take you to the donation page if you would like to help right now. Please put Princess in the notes section. 

For those who do invest in this program- we will send you updates privately – as the intimate details of this ministry cannot be shared on any public platforms. **More to come soon. 


On Friday evenings, the children on campus will be spending 2-3 hours playing games, doing crafts, and opening their Christmas Gifts. Instead of having one simple Christmas Party – that is finished in one night –  we want to spread joy and add anticipation/excitement for the whole summer.

For example, the first Friday we will play games and end the night with all the children receiving their new shoes. The next week we will play games and they get to open their water bottles & games. Then the following Friday we play games again and they get to open all their clothes.

**Basically Each Friday they get to play Christmas-Themed Games & open gifts. All the games are brand new – things we’ve never played before. They are VERY excited!


Both the USA and HAITI flags contain the colors red, white, and blue. We will be decorating our yard in those colors as we celebrate our time together! Every 3 weeks we will throw a Water Party for the kids with perfect Sunday attendance.

Before we flew to the states, we told the kids that we would throw a pool party for anyone who didn’t miss a Sunday while we were gone. We’ve got 138 kids coming this weekend!

The boys will come from 2pm-4pm. Then at 4pm they’ll eat in the cafeteria with the girls. Then the boys will leave and the girls will take over the party until 6:30pm. BASICALLY our family will be outside with 138 kids from 2pm-6:30pm! 

We have a slip-n- slide tarp that’s 30ft long x 8ft wide. We also have the trampoline, swimming pool with volleyball net, baby pools, and other various outdoor water games that will be set-up in our yard. It’s gonna be a crazy fun time!



On May 5th, we invited 40 kids from town as well as many of our staff’s kids –  for a Glow In The Dark Party!  The children invited to this party have been actively involved in our latest outreach program. It was complete with night-time games, a delicious spread of food & meat, wrapped gifts, toiletry bags, candy bags, popcorn, cake, and flashlight egg hunts!

There’s no meat locally  – actually it’s hard to even find rice. I wanted to make sure they got to eat something special – food they never get to have. So we drove 5 hours away to shop for the meal. We put lots of candy in the crates before they shipped here. We were also able to make large treat bags –  full of candy that can’t be purchased here.

When the kids arrived we did face painting, nail painting, and watched cartoons while eating popcorn. Once everyone was accounted for, we headed to the basketball court to play water games! After the water games we went to the cafeteria for the meal. After we ate, we split the kids into 2 groups so they could hunt eggs. Then we walked the children to town, so they wouldn’t be afraid. The party started at 6pm and didn’t finish until 10pm.

By the time the night was over – each kid left with glow jewelry, wrapped gifts, toiletry bags, candy bags, and a VERY full belly!





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