Christmas Camp Week 1…

Last Friday was our first week of Christmas Camp!

The kids were completely surprised when we sat them down Friday evening and announced our summer plans! School still isn’t out, so they weren’t expecting any parties until the end of the month!

One of the parents at Provision School (Lexington, KY) made each of the children a wooden pencil with their names engraved. The kids painted their personalized crafts and hung them up in their rooms.

After craft time, each child was able to receive a pair of shoes. We were a little a nervous that giving away these shoes were gonna be a hot mess. Not because the kids wouldn’t appreciate them, but because they were bought with the sizes their feet were last year. We weren’t sure if we would have to start switching them out amongst the kids.

THANKFULLY… Abbey had the foresight to size-up each pair of shoes when she created the list. SO a year later – they were actually perfect! There wasn’t a single shoe that didn’t fit. In fact, many of them still have room to grow!

Tomorrow night will be Day 2 of our camp! We’ve got a lot of fun games planned using candy canes and packing peanuts! We just finished wrapping the gifts they will receive tomorrow as well! 

Below are a few pictures from last week!



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