Our first week of Princess Camp was a HUGE SUCCESS!

We have 20 little princesses (from the community) joining us from 3pm-6pm every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon.

The girls’ ages range from 4 year-olds to 14 year-olds. There is an 18-year old girl who walks the younger girls to campus. Though she’s not officially in the group, we do include her as much as possible in all of the activities. Fabi is also an honorary member! So in total – there are 22 beauties that we are working with every day.

To see photos of all the decorations – check out our family blog! 


On the first day of camp, the girls got their fingernails & toes painted. They picked out their favorite eye shadow, lip gloss, perfume, and lotion too.  They also got to choose whatever color they wanted for their skirt, ring, necklace and crown. I don’t know who had more fun, the girls or the leaders! 🙂

The girls couldn’t wait to get their photos taken! Here’s a look at our awesome group of girls!  (Please note, for safety reasons, all of their faces have been covered except for little Fabi). 

This week we are focusing on body image and self-talk. Each girl has a handheld mirror that we use to discuss “what they see” and “what they feel” when they look at themselves.

We start each session by dressing-up and making daily affirmations to ourselves in the mirror. We read a story together, watch video clips, color, eat PB sandwiches, dance, play games, work on crafts, and have a lesson each day.  With the help of our leaders, they journal about their feelings & complete worksheets as well.

Please continue to pray for wisdom. The stories and trauma these little girls have faced are heart-wrenching. Their needs are great and the answers aren’t simple

Here is a look from our various activities this week.

**Please note that privacy is our number one priority when sharing photos. You will notice that the only visible faces  – are the leaders, staff children, or my children.  



  1. I pray they know they are daughters of a King, making them princesses 👸🏼 every day, and they are loved by King Jesus.

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