We Need Your Help With Our Fall Boat Shipment…

I wanted to post a quick update about this year’s plan for shipping.

As I have shared before, the Mole has endured numerous challenges – especially when it comes to accessing the most basic and fundamental resources. Our village RARELY participates in the violence that has taken over the streets of Port-au-Prince. We feel relatively safe in our community, compared to those who live in the south.

The downside of being so far away is that VERY few supply trucks make it past the roadblocks. Those trucks that do make it are basically empty by the time they reach our village. You cannot find any shampoo or toothpaste in our village. There are very few places that sell rice and even less that have beans. The markets are bare.


As many of you know, we experienced SIGNIFICANT DELAYS with this last boat shipment. Instead of receiving our cargo in October as planned, we didn’t get them until March.

Since our items arrived just a few months ago, we will not be doing a big shipment this summer. We had actually hoped to avoid shipping anything at all this year.

We assumed that by now- the markets in town would be able to fill in any gaps that our community or campus might need.

The reality is, we are going through our supplies way quicker than we had ever planned. Our current stock will not last us past November.

SO sadly, we have no choice but to plan for a small shipment this fall.

Ideally, we will just send 3 crates and 1 pallet of peanut butter. (We already had a church in Indiana donate all the peanut butter). The crates need to be filled with our most urgent and vital needs – mainly medicine, food, and toiletries.

In order to save on shipping, we plan to rent a uhaul truck and drive it to Florida ourselves.

We are reaching out and asking for your support to help us ship the most essential supplies to Haiti this fall.

We believe we will need $12,000 to pull this off. This would include purchasing the actual supplies, building the crates, hauling them to Florida, shipping them on the boat, and paying for the customs after it arrives.

Your contribution, no matter how big or small, can make a significant impact in alleviating our village’s struggles.


Donations can be made online by clicking HERE. 

Please write “SHIPPING” in the comments section. 


Checks can be made out to NWHCM and mailed to the mission’s headquarters.

Please write “SHIPPING” in the memo. 

Northwest Haiti Christian Mission
7984 West State Road 32
Lebanon, IN 46052


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