Woe Is Me…

Today, I had a memory pop-up on my Facebook that really spoke to me. I posted this 14 years ago.

I had just spent a year in the states, pregnant with Asher and Levi. I spent 92 days in the hospital. We did not anticipate spending a year out. At that time, we didn’t travel with Momma Gigi either. It was just Jose and me.

Our personal vehicle was an 11-seater Dodge Sprinter Van!

Gigi was 7 years-old, still in diapers,  and not walking yet. Mikela was 5, Rosie was 4 and in diapers, Malaya was 3, and Gabe was 1. I’m constantly in the hospital – being told my twins are gonna die or be too premature to ever live in Haiti.

We were only able to have our big family because we live in Haiti. We never dreamed how much it would cost to feed that many kids every week. Don’t even get me started on the costs of diapers for that many kids.

Our personal account was thousands of dollars in the hole. We had ‘no credit’ since we lived in Haiti and stayed in my parents’ basement when we were stateside.

Thankfully the bank manager was a mission supporter and approved a loan for us….just so we could survive and provide the basics.


I was only back home in Haiti – about 10 days when I had this experience. I can picture “Mary’s” face and remember our conversation vividly.

Now that Haiti is too dangerous for most travelers, people are moving on to safer places. Not only are they physically traveling to other countries –  but their support is going with them – as they begin to make new connections there.

Beyond the financial aspect… We miss them. We miss the fellowship and the engagement.

Haiti is a hot mess and we are all crying out – ‘woe is me’.

But no matter how difficult our personal lives are… I must remember the realities of the people I love and live with. Perspective is EVERYTHING.

Hope you feel encouraged today and remember to pray for Haiti.

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