Annual Women’s Conference…

Year after year, our women’s conference has stood as a testament to the power of unity.

This 3-day conference is typically led by a team of ladies from Michigan. This team works tirelessly all year long to craft an experience that balances worship, learning, and fellowship – an experience that leaves the women spiritually rejuvenated and equipped with valuable insights.

The mornings are filled with seminars, snacks, games, testimonies, and worship. The church is packed with women – to the point there’s no more places for people to sit.  Then the evenings are like these HUGE Fun-Filled Praise Parties for everyone in town to attend.

I have always loved watching all the women from different walks of life come together to share their experiences, uplift one another, and build connections that transcend the event itself.

Sadly, due to increased violence and tensions in Port-au-Prince, this is the first year we were unable to host our annual conference with the team.

At first we considered postponing the event until things in PAP settle down.  BUT – Women’s conferences in Haiti represent more than just gatherings; they are catalysts for positive change, engines of empowerment, and embodiments of hope. So instead of canceling this event all together, we decided to dial it down – and do a simple 3-night revival.

The theme of this conference was centered around Isaiah 45:22, a powerful verse from the Bible that reads, “Turn to me and be saved, all you ends of the earth; for I am God, and there is no other.”

This verse served as a reminder to our community that they should turn to their inner strength and faith in the face of life’s challenges. Women were encouraged to embrace the power that God freely gives His children –  so that they may be a guiding light (not only in their own life) but in the lives of others as well.

In a world that often pulls us in different directions, the Isaiah 45:22 Women’s Conference served as a haven of solidarity, encouraging us to call on God in times of trouble. We were continually reminded and assured – that we are never truly alone on our journeys.


After the revival ended, we served a large buffet of food to the faithful women who continually meet every week to worship together as well as make house calls to anyone who is sick or in need of prayer.

Here’s a quick look from our August Revival. Rosie took on the role of photographer for this event. Sadly, a lot of the photos were blurry. But she did a good job and stayed for the whole service every night.


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