Living Water…

The day started out great with a plate full of loaded scrambled eggs and PB&J biscuits, definitely optimal fuel for a day full of missioning.

After breakfast, we were welcomed with a downpour. We weren’t sure whether to look at this as Satan trying to foil our plans to spread the complete gospel to the fishing village of Ka Pa Fu or to look at it as an answered prayer to a drought-ridden region. While clearing off some collected water on our roof made of large advertisements, our leader Steve had an unfortunate accident involving a chair and his nose. After a slightly bloody rag and light pressure, he is good as new. We all gathered together for prayer to combat the evil forces that appeared to be at work here. A moving group prayer definitely helped out the situation.

Once the rain cleared we walked down to the rented boat to deliver the complete gospel as well as our solar distillation solution to the fishing village of Ka Pa Fu. Once we all squeezed onto the boat, it was a surprisingly uneventful 45-minute boat ride.

We were welcomed to the village by our new friends. We set up the home made solar distillation solution and 5 of the water cones. The people really appreciated and seemed to understand the importance of what these solutions provided to their village. The only other way they can get fresh water is to walk an hour and a half one way to the town of Mole St. Nicolas.

Our leader, Steve White, then began to prepare the people for a complete delivery of the gospel. He went through a two-hour explanation with the assistance of our wonderful interpreters. Once of my favorite parts was when he was telling the story of the walls of Jerico coming down the with trumpet blow. Steve’s brother Randy blew his Shofar. The people of Ka Pa Fu sat the entire time and thoroughly enjoyed the full delivery. We know that God can do amazing things with this village.

The young men of the village also did a lot of work on their make shift soccer field. It is now triple the size it was two days ago. I have played on a lot of wonderful pitches in my life, but this one definitely had a feeling of authenticity that I have never seen before.

Rice and beans welcomed us as we returned to the mission. Something so simple has never tasted so good.

We hoped in the truck to head over to the village of Karnage for an afternoon church session. The back of the truck definitely amplifies the already very rough roads.

We checked on the water pipe on the way to Karenage. The repair is still holding, but no water is currently flowing. I hope we will be able to fix this problem before we leave.

The service at Karenage was amazing. It involved roughly 40 people sitting under a tree right next to the bay.

On the walk back from Karenage, we stopped at some old fort ruins. It is very easy to forget the history of this land.

When we returned to the mission, we played soccer in the street for about an hour before dinner.

Dinner was amazing, Fried fish, spicy coleslaw, and fried plantains.

We are all having a great time and the Lord is doing amazing things!

-Spencer Burch

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