Construction Day…

(This was supposed to post yesterday)

Hello everyone. It was a good hard workday on the mission property, as much as we could in the morning.  We helped the Haitian workmen dig a huge hole for the toilets, fill in the foundation for the showers and one orphanage, leveled the ground under the church tent that we added onto, then shoveled gravel onto it.  It was hot.

The Haitian men work hard.  The guys on our team enjoyed joking around with them. A few Haitian men walked up and helped too. We decided that was enough after lunch and prepared for the 5K running race for the next day.

Rebekah and I, with Paul and Holden’s help, prepared for children’s church.  The guys then went out up the hill to invite more people to the 5K.  Warren and Randy were helping a little more at the construction site then went looking for the rest of the guys up the hill.  They didn’t find each other but had adventures to share.  The people are different up there.  No missionaries have gone that way yet.  Rebekah was amazed at the trumpet and guitar that the Haitian kids made out of leaves or scraps.  They were dancing, singing, making us laugh.  She then jumped rope with them and by the time the guys came back, she had around 10 kids coloring pictures, Jodi’s kids and the neighbors.  I prepared for the women’s group I will be speaking at Monday – around 30 ladies usually.  This will be something new for me, but I am excited to see what God will do with it.

Leigh White

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