First 5K Race In The Mole…

We all woke up a 5:30 AM to prepare for first ever 5K race at the Da Mole.

We had a great breakfast; cinnamon rolls with fruit cocktail. Randy was amazing cool for sharing his breakfast with Warren.

Start race registartion at 7:00 AM.

We had 65 participants run in the with some amazing times; approxiamatly 20 racers came in under 20 minutes. The race was limited to 13 and older but several kids ran any way and were amazing! (Medals were given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and all participants were given a shirt)

We came back to the mission before 10 AM and started a project of cleaning up a supply closet; Randy White made some amazing shelves and a great work bench despite his little brother getting in the way the entire time. The entire team helped in moving some hefty supplies, repackaging, and organization.

We had a great day serving Da Mole and the Mission but we were the ones blessed and Jesus Christ gets all the glory!

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  1. I can tell Steve has been in the work room organizing! You forgot to sign your name to the post, Steve!

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