Healthy Happy Hearts Pediatric Clinic…

Dear God,

I humbly come before You today. I know through You all things are possible. Thank You for allowing me to return to my first love – helping sick little children.

Packing the shelves with medicine in my office/pediatric clinic filled my eyes with tears. Knowing that each medicine on the shelf already has the name of a sick child on it – I pray over it – so that it may bring healing. That it won’t be just physical healing – but spiritual healing.

Lord, I pray to be gifted with the means to help those that can’t help themselves. The line outside my door is overwhelming. The needs of this community is so burdening.

Lord allow this ministry to be more than just providing medical services. Allow me to personally touch individuals that I might never have the chance to know if it weren’t for this medical ministry.

Lord, Monday I saw 40 children and 20 adults. And the line barely made a dent. They just kept coming and coming. My heart aches for the little baby suffering with 3rddegree burns from the pot of hot rice that fell on his tiny little feet. …For the incredibly malnourished 2 year old that can barely hold up his little head. …For the precious little baby who is covered with so many sores and scabies that it’s difficult for her to stand-up without being in pain.

I know our hearts should break for those who break Your heart but it’s been a couple of years since I ran a pediatric clinic and I forgot how much my heart hurts. Thank You for giving me another chance to do what I love.

You know the needs of this community and the fishing villages that surround it. Please provide the desperately needed medications so that I can continue to minister.

I pray today for your peace and for our strength. I pray that You will bring others to bear this incredibly heavy burden I am carrying for these sick babies. May Your healing power reach into the homes that don’t know You. May the people who curse my steps and seek to destroy Your work know You one day.

In Your Name,


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