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I just wanted to take a moment and update you on our ministry boat and kubota!

MINISTRY BOAT – Reaching the Lost by Sea

Back in January our Fishing Village Ministry started to really thrive. The people there were hungry for love – acknowledgement – discipleship. We realized visiting them every few weeks wasn’t good enough. In order to really connect with the people and disciple them we will need to visit every week.

We originally were looking to buy a boat here in Haiti. When it came time to purchasing –  we realized that the people trying to sell us the boat –  did not actually own it. We felt really discouraged.

BUT – Our God is a BIG GOD! We reached out to Mission Navigation and they are supplying us with a boat that is far beyond our initial dreams! They are the ones who built the boat for Curtis and Danielle in La Baie.  It’s such an honor that they are working with us again! Please keep them in your prayers as they work hard to provide us with a boat that can reach the lost.

Here is some information about the boat from the Mission Navigation Website:

This is a lot of boat in a small package.
  • It is capable of Open water passages yet versatile enough for Coastal service
  • Super efficient hull shape can deliver 6 tons of cargo 600 miles for 3.3 cents per pound*!
  • A half keel enhances offshore stability whileallowing for beach landing in remote locations.
  • The layout is planned to have a small three sided helm station in the aft for all weather work.  The deck will feature multiple sealed hatches raised to 15″ for versatility in seating and protected cargo space.


  • Length  32′
  • Beam 9′
  • Power:  30hp Kubota workhorse diesel (by Beta Marine)
  • 6 ton cargo capacity (projected)
  • self-righting and self-bailing with full positive buoyancy
  • Max speed 7 knots @ 6.5 mpg* @ 6 ton load
  • Cruise speed 6 knots @ 7.5 mpg* @ 6 ton load
  • Empty cruise @ 25 mpg*

Ministry Kubota – Reaching the Lost by Land
We are SO excited to tell you that this vehicle is on its way to the Mole! We are already making many plans about what villages we will minister to weekly. I have a strong desire in my heart to reach out to the women. The Pastor’s wife, a few from our women’s group, and myself will be starting Women’s Bible Study Groups throughout the northwest zone! I will also use this vehicle to host small medical clinics in these same villages!
Once our little ministry machine arrives – I’ll take some pictures of it being used! In case you forgot what it looks like – Here is a reminder:



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