Blessings For Preskul

Pleasant Valley Baptist Church was here last week building a cistern for Preskul. We didn’t get it finished before they left. It is nearly finished now! We have the plumbing pieces coming for it this week!

Because of the rain PV wasn’t able to deliver the rice and toiletry bags they brought for Preskul. We delivered them over the weekend! The town was SO grateful!

We have spent weeks repairing two of their fishing boats. We finally finished one completely last week and are nearly finished with the other one!

The town once said they were hidden in plain sight……not anymore!



  1. Any chance of getting a shot of the inside of the cistern? Is there a layer of concrete on the inside as well?

  2. It is wonderful to see the cistern project completed. We knew it would get done but it was hard not being there to see the finished product. Thank you so much for the pictures and following up to make sure the project was completed.

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