SCC – Day 1

Hey guys, this is Mallory.

Today was our first day in Haiti. It was phenominal! We went from Miami to Port au Prince and then from there to the Mole. The Mole is absolutely beautiful and the people are so friendly. As you’re walking down the street you’re greeted by tons of men, women, and children all telling you, “Bonswa!” The feel of the Mole is really laid back and warm (in many ways). I couldn’t imagine a better place to experience my first mission trip.


P.s. I love you Mom and Dad…try not to miss me too much and Allison said to tell you she’s taking good care of me.


We are here!! I have fallen in love with the beauty of this country and its people. Coming here I had some idea that I made up in my head about what Haiti would be and look like. In my head I pictured a run down, desperate, tired country and what I found was that it is the total opposite. Eventhough there is still a ton of damage left from the earthquake peoples relationship are still strong if not stronger. Its totally awesome to walk out into the street and see Haitians of all ages playing a game of soccer or marbles. One story I have that absolutely made my day was when Bailey, Alyssa, and me were exploring and saying “Bonswa” a million and one times. Came a across this little girl who could not have been more than three ran into the middle of the street and jumped into my arms. We had no idea what she was saying or what we should of said but this moment was increditable. All we could do was stand there smiling and laughing together at the beautiful little girl. An update for the rest of the day: We arrived in Port Au Prince around noon, took a little plane to the out skirts of Mole. Waited for the bus to take us to the camp site, meanwhile playing hop scotch with some boys, one of which was wearing a camp shirt we left last year and a pair of Heidi Thompson pants. We arrived at Mole around 2pm and for the rest of the day we went exploring, and making relationships with the local Haitians. Its been AMAZING!!!:)


Hannah, Bailey, and Alyssa

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