Savannah and Parkside Day 2…



Hey everybody,

This is Rachel from Parkside. Today can probably be described in two words. Enlightening and refreshing. The devotional was enlightening. Jody told us about the Haitians belief in voodoo, and how important it is for people who come here not just to be the hands and feet of Jesus, but the face of Jesus. Our attitude is everything here. The beach was refreshing, even though it was packed with people. It was a nice break from the sweat and heat. Playing with the children was enlightening. It was a fun challenge to play with them and communicate without knowing the language. The showers were REFRESHING! They were cold, and clean and well needed after a long day of work and play. Overall, today was relaxing. The Savannah and Cincinnati group mingled and a few friends were made. There is a movie showing in the square tonight: Finding Nemo. Should be a blast! Our creole leaves a lot to be desired, and that is becoming more and more evident by the minute.



Blessings from Haiti!

Hey guys, this is Alyssa from Savannah. This trip continues to exceed my expectations as every hour goes by. With this being my first mission trip, I had a vague idea of what trials I would encounter and the people I would come into contact with. Both today and yesterday, the Haitian children of The Mole have shocked me with their innocence and desire for friendship. There was not a single child that went by me today who didn’t instantly smile and wave the moment I greeted them. Their craving for attention and human contact is amazing, and the feeling I get when I show them the love they deserve is one of the most satisfying sensations I have ever experienced. All they want is for someone to hold their hand as they walk down the street, and they will instantly become your best friend if you give in to their desires. This day in Haiti has been, as Rachel said, enlightening. I was enlightened by the joy that God’s love will bring to the Haitian children of The Mole. I was enlightened by their culture and the way they get by with so little. Lastly, I was enlightened by the way God is working in me during this mission.











  1. Hi to the Parkside group! It sounds like it is going really well and you all are having a great time. Enjoy movie night tonight. Keep the stories coming so for those of us who are not with you in Haiti can be with you through the tales. What an amazing experience you must be having. Love to you all. Turner, we love you loads. Lauren

  2. Praise God for bringing this precious group to Haiti safely. Many prayers for God to show up in huge ways during this trip. <3

  3. We continue to lift you up in prayer as you love on these kids. What a blessing you are to all you meet. Keep the posts and pix coming! Rachel, we love you bunches!

  4. It’s great to see the way God is using each of you in the lives of those you meet. Be ready for whatever God brings your way. We love you guys and are praying for you each day.

  5. SO excited to see the God’s work as it is being done day by day there! Can’t wait to hear stories my sister annie (from the parkside group) comes back with! God’s moving, and it makes me smile.

  6. greetings scc team – we are very proud of our team , you truly represent the true believers and deliver the letter of CHRIST through your words and actions. Know yall are prayed for and in our hearts …… special side note I LOVE my AWESOME daughter Jordan and my HOT ,SEXY ,JOYFUL , BESTFRIEND and wife LESHA …. I can still taste the sweetness of our last kiss . shout out to Kennedy , Maya, Mallory , Mintoo , Alyssa In CHRIST

  7. Hi SCC team, we are so proud of you and praying for all of you. We look forward to reading the blogs each morning, seeing what amazing things you are doing for HIS Kingdom.. Kennedy we LOVE you and miss you. Special hello to Jordan, Maya, Mallory and Lesha. Kennedy by the way dad thinks by the look on your face with the goat you may be thinking of a new hobby.

  8. Love to Kim, Austin and Seth! Keeping all of you (from Parkside) in my prayers! Looking forward to seeing more pics! Try not to get sun burned!

  9. Hey Brian,
    Loved looking at all the pics this afternoon. Miss you much, but I know you are doing good work. Umm….in all the leaving-for-Hait craziness, I didn’t hear WHEN you are returning Friday. If you get a chance, pls let me know.

    Can’t wait for you to meet Tonka! Thank you for saying yes. God has once again given me the desire of my heart.

  10. Amanda and Kyle,

    I love reading the updates, and seeing the pictures of you just warmed my heart! My prayers are with you and Parkside and Savannah teams. Just let God use you to show His love to everyone you meet and I know He will use you all greatly! See you Friday and I can’t wait to hear all the details!

  11. Loving your pics-n-updates on the blog!! Keeping you all covered in prayer. Many hugs n kisses to both teams!

  12. Praying for you all!! Love the pictures and the updates. Sending love and hugs, Necia! Blessings,

  13. Happy 15th to Annie L~ way to spend your birthday serving God!! Praying for you all and sending love, Mom B

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