Healing. Teaching. Reviving.

From 7/7/11 – (Yesterday)


Healing. Teaching. Reviving. These have been our themes today. Before typing any further, let me assure you that we are all doing very well: happy, healthy, and richly blessed. We started yesterday morning with the last day of the medical clinic right here in Mole St. Nicholas out of the giant tarp tent where they also have all their church functions. We were able to see 80 local Haitians and treat many of them. Once again Dr. Scott, Nurse Heidi and Dr. Lauren took care of examinations, diagnosis, and medicine as our Prayer Warrior Cynthia lead in praying of the afflicted. Joe and Matt entertained the children and families of the patient. They both were amazing while they painted the fingernails (and one set of toenails) either pink or purple of the waiting girls, women, and one man. After lunch we set back to the church tent for our VBS lessons. Lauren and Cynthia taught the parable of the talents and the builder and the king were lead by Matt and Joe to the 100 Haitian children that returned for our 2nd VBS day. Spiritually and literally, everyone was fed. We all rushed to get back for dinner and to our respective places of rest to get on our church clothes for the start of a three day Revival lead by Freedom Reigns in Christ Church and their pastor Jacob, all from Illinois. In the church tent, The Fire of God was the theme. The service lasted from 6pm until 9pm. It was powerful and many Haitians stayed late for prayer. Showers and sleep to reenergize us for another day.

Freedom Reigns:


Today was a great day. We got to meet a lot of people, and see a lot of the mole while doing hut to hut surveys. It was interesting to see how they live and what they go through everyday. During this time we had the opportunity to pray for several families. Those were some powerful prayer times. We had the first service of the 3 day revival tonight. It went well. There was about 110 people that showed up. Pastor Jakob preached on the Fire of God and the Baptism of Fire. Many people came down to recieve prayer at the end of the service, and many people recieved the Baptism of Fire.

Robby Stolte

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  1. Several have emailed and asked about the Revival and Fire of Baptism! The revival was about the power of Jesus and how we shouldn’t be complacent but on fire for God. It was a very powerful service.

    At the end of the service we offered a chance for the people to be prayed with, to be anointed with oil so that they could be on fire for Christ.

    Luke 4:16 John answered their questions by saying I baptize you with water; but someone is coming soon who is even greater than I am…. He will baptize you with Holy spirit and with fire!

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