Final Days @ Mole for Crossroads and Freedom Reigns

Bon swa tout moun (Good day everyone)

I apologize if any of you following our time here have worried about the loved ones you have in Haiti. The Crossroads and Freedom Reigns teams are all safe and unharmed!

In addition to our travel, lodging, food, 3-day VBS and 3 day Medical Clinic, I wanted to inform you of what your generosity has provided: 10 goats and one donkey, and much more, possibly including cows and chickens, will be purchased after hurricane season to replace those lost for people in Mole St Nicholas and wherever the NWHCM staff see fit. To the tiny fishing village of Ka Pa Fu who, unlike most, only asked for 2 things: water & Jesus. We gave 11 desalinization water cones providing clean, fresh water and 48 bibles. We provided medicine for the clinics to distribute for future needs. One meal every day for 3 days for our 100 VBS children.

On Friday we were scheduled to paint the town red…and blue! The Haitian colors were to be applied to specific trees (as is common in Haiti) as part of a town beautification project, but after consulting with the mayor, he decided he wanted the town to look more natural. Quickly, Crossroads decided on a new plan of action for the morning, an impromptu medical clinic based out of the local orphanage! Joe connected with some teens who gave him some Creole lessons. Matt loved on and played with the orphans. Scott, Heidi and Lauren tended to the sick and injured. Cynthia prayed for healing and spiritual needs.

After we trudged back to the mission for lunch, we put the finishing touches on our plans for the last day of VBS. The prayers, teaching, games and crafts were, as always, amazing! After the official VBS schedule ended we handed a bag out to every one of the 100 Haitian children (and one mom). Each paper bag was filled with bubbles, candy, sunglasses, and a kit with toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, dentist mirror, and hourglass timer. The objects themselves were ordinary, but the expression of each child, that was the gift. We then headed back to the mission to cool down, rehydrate, and refuel. As dinner concluded, we went to another powerful night of worship, prayer, and preaching provided by the Freedom Reigns team and the energy and singing of the local Haitian talent and those in attendance. Exhausted from another wonderful day, we walked to our respective domiciles and slept.

Thursday, July 9. The day starts early in the Mole, everyday. Some of us, awakened between 4:30 and 5:00 A.M., started our devotions, bible and prayer time. Matt decided to invent a project this morning and, with the help of 3 of the missions local staff, cleaned and organized a food pantry to better utilize donations. After our team gathered for group devotion and breakfast, Crossroads headed out to the church tent to meet for a special day with our VBS kids. We met up with them and walked to the beach where we played in the surf and sand. As a bonfire was lit and burned down to a smolder, it was time for a marshmallow roast! We said farewell to our last planned day together and headed to lunch. We walked to the church tent area to hand out our goats and meet their eager new owners. We talked a bit and prayed over them and they were on their way.

Now for the first time on this trip, we had no plan. Cynthia and Joe decided on a much needed and deserved rest. Heidi, Scott, Matt and Lauren were more adventurous. What to do? Hmmm, let’s climb as high as we can towards the peak of that mountain there and see how far we can get before dinnertime! Yep, we climbed a mountain.  Coral based paths, giant boulders, loose rocky footholds, thornbushes, cactus, and jagged razor sharp landscape surrounded our every step. We made it to the lower peak. Heard a sermon on the mount from our translator. Surveyed the land we had called home this week. And, were blown away by the awesomeness of Our God! Hungry and thirsty, we descended to our evening meal. We then went to the last night of the Revival and received the message and the blessing of another great service courtesy of Freedom Reigns. God is so good. After the service, we, and the citizens of the Mole, were treated to an explosive fireworks display that are most definitely illegal in our state! As we headed to our beds from our last day, we rejoiced in the work God has done through all of us this past week.

We started cleaning, organizing and packing up our personal effects. After showers, lights out.

After concluding our packing and thinking about the fact that it is almost time to leave saddened us as we ate a solemn breakfast. Reminiscing our week, we praised one another and God. We loaded up the bus and we are now travelling closer towards our trip home tommorrow. We have left Mole St. Nicholas and miss it already. Crossroads, with Jody and her 3 daughters & twin sons, took a small plane from a dirt airstrip near the mission to a small airport in Port-au-prince. Meanwhile, the larger Freedom Reigns team, escorted by Jose and son Gabriel, traversed the country by bus and met up with the Crossroads team, who got to swim, rest, chat and play cards; at the Habitation Hatt Hotel. Now reunited, both teams had dinner and fellowshipped into the night. Until tommorrow…



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