Two More Boats Delivered…

I am SO HAPPY to report that just this last week we delivered two more boats! The boat ministry is such an amazing ministry because it helps so many people! It provides jobs to those who build them, it provides families an opportunity to feed themselves and their neighbors, and it even helps the market by being able to sell the extra fish caught! It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN!

Over the last several months we’ve given out over a dozen boats! All of the boats have gone to the fishing villages. Their poverty is so overwhelming that sometimes we miss those that are in need that are right next door!

When the hurricane hit last September EVERYONE lost their gardens, animals, and boats. We immediately delivered boats to the fishing villages but neglected those that live in the Mole that lost everything as well!

So these two boats were set aside for our lovely Mole Fishermen.

In this picture below is Guimmy. Guimmy has two small children. He is very faithful to our church and not once did he approach me about his needs. I was actually having a staff meeting about where our next 2 boats should go and immediately the staff filled me in on the “hidden needs that are in plain sight”.

What a beautiful surprise when Jocelyn knocked on Guimmy’s door and presented him with a boat! He jumped for Joy – Giving God the Glory – as tears streamed down his cheeks! He lost his boat last year and has been struggling to provide for his family. He held onto his faith believing that one day God would hear his prayers. This week those prayers were answered!!

Below is Henry Claude. Henry is someone who gives of himself no matter what! He always shows up to help us unload our trucks, help with our generator – help with really anything that we need. He has a large family, is getting married this fall, and is loved by everyone who has the pleasure of knowing him. He is a fisherman but has never had a boat. He used to go fishing on other people’s boats but so many boats were lost that he now has none that he can borrow. So things have been very rough for him even though he constantly shares what little he has.

We surprised him with the 2nd boat given to the Mole! He was OVERWHELMED with Joy! The great thing about Henry is that you would automatically think that he would immediately start fishing for himself. But that wasn’t his response which again just shows you this guy’s character. He immediately thought about all the other fishermen who didn’t have their boats anymore. He said he would share his boat so that many families could receive the benefits from it! WOW!


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