September – Here We Come!

We (the Castillo family) and Beth are headed back to Haiti tomorrow! I know there haven’t been many postings the last few weeks but that’s about to change! September is a busy month for the Mole Ministry! I wanted to update you with a list of things you can expect to see this month as well as things you can begin praying about!

1) We purchased and packed 185 Solar Lights that will be hand-delivered to the dark homes surrounding the Mole. Each light will come with a powerful message and testimony! Be praying that we will plant seeds and begin to change lives through this Evangelism Program.

2) Thanks to Mt Byrd CC we packed three suitcases full of medical supplies! We will also be purchasing large gallons of medications in PAP before heading to the Mole! This will allow my pediatric clinic to now run 3 days a week! What a blessing!

3) Our construction project on the campus this month is the School! We hope to have it built by November. Things in Haiti are often slower than they should be! Pray that we will be able to move right along with this. Our hope is to have the school and cafeteria finished by January so we can begin to take in orphans.

4) We have a group coming September 10th-17th. They will be ministering to our single moms, hosting sports camps and VBS for the children, doing construction, & ministering to our fishing villages. They will also be handing out many of the Charcoal trees that were planted on our property in June.

5) We have another group September 23th-30th. They have many projects planned! One is helping us set up our nutritional program. We will be looking for 100 children under the age of 10 who are in 2nd/3rd degree malnutrition.

6)We are having our first wedding in Preskul! We have a professional journalist heading to the Mole with Diane Cornelius (The Wedding Lady) to write an article about the Wedding Ministry. This article will be featured in USA TODAY WEEKEND! How crazy awesome is that!!!

7) September 18th-23rd is our 2nd Annual Women’s Conference! I am SUPER excited about this. Last year we had several hundred come. We are hoping for an even larger turn out this year now that the town has come to know us personally! Most importantly we pray that lives will be forever changed by this event! Please pray that along with us.

Well – that gives you a little run-down of what you can be expecting this month! We are SO excited to be back in Haiti ministering to our lovely Mole people!


  1. I am even more excited now that I have a run down on what will be happening when we return!!! Looking forward to seeing God at work in the Mole and surrounding villages. “Saddle up those horses we have a trail to blaze:>) (steven curtis chapman song) Loved the pics and video you posted of your horse outing. The kids look like they have grown yet again. Jose was to funny. See you in a little more than 24 hours. Yee Haww and way to go Mama Gigi…what a natural:>)

  2. Are you still in need of solar lights in addition to the 185? Reading the blog post on light was incredibly moving and a group of women from our church (Momentum – we have a team there now!) would love to help raise money for additional lights. We have an event planned for Dec. 1, but would that be too late? We caught the vision in the post and want to help stamp out the darkness all the way from GA!! And, thank you for taking such great care of our family/friends from Momentum who are there with you now!!! Feel free to email me any details or questions!
    Blessings, Melissa Hoover

    1. YES!!!! We still need help stomping out the darkness here! We would like to deliver lights as long as we can. So It’s not too late even for December!

      It’s been a honor serving alongside the team from your church! They’ve been A LOT of fun and I admire their work ethic!

  3. Ha! Didn’t mean to send that twice…oh well! That’s fantastic!!! We will move forward with planning for that then! So very glad to hear about the team…we know that they are exactly where they need to be and soaking up the time there. We are so excited to hear all of their stories and welcome them home with love! We will continue to pray for all of you without ceasing!!

    1. Thanks Melissa!! We appreciate your willingness to help us with our ministry! We thank you for your prayers too! 🙂

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