Pleasant Valley’s In The Mole…

Bonswa! We have arrived! We woke early Friday morning to leave Miami for Haiti.  In Port au Prince we rode a 6-seater prop plane to Mole St.Nicholas.  The plane ride was a first experience for many of us.  It was beautiful and many of us were lulled to sleep by the hum of the engine.  We spent the day taking in the sights, sounds, and smells.

While on the prop plane, I heard what seem to be a voice saying, “I will with you always, to the ends of the earth.” (This is Matthew 28:20) God is with us!  We are each here at this time for His purpose. I know this to be true! On a personal side, I learned upon my arrival to Haiti that my only grandmother has gone on to be with the Lord!  This was hard news, but I will not let it hinder my purpose here.  God will use it for His glory because His timing is perfect!  To my family, please know that I am doing fine and have a peace that passes understanding.  My heart will be with you as you celebrate my Gramma’s life!  I wish I could be there to provide comfort, but you know that God’s comfort is more than I could ever offer. Luke 9:60 has been on my heart since Thursday. “Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and proclaim the kingdom of God.”  Jesus has called me to Haiti and I will proudly go and proclaim His kingdom.

So, today, my rested team and I will go to a Woman’s conference and then to paint the church.  Thank you for your prayers.

Gretchen Austin
Isiah 40:31


  1. Gretchen, just read your update to the children. There were lots of tears and It pointing at the pictures saying, “Thats my Mommy. I miss my Mommy.” We have just arrived in Memphis. It was nice to read your words. I love you. Brad

  2. Hey PV! Great pics Betty and Lindsey…looks like incredible weather 🙂 Praying for the team as you minister to the Mole!

  3. Thanks for the update and pics! Let my brother (Jason) and you all know that you are in our prayers…and all the lives that you will touch! Take care, have fun and becareful! Justin Tyler and family

  4. Gretchen, so sorry to hear about your grandmother…our prayers are with you and your family. Enjoyed hearing from you and tell Jason that I miss his morning phone calls…ha-ha. We are so proud of what you and the team are doing. God’s Blessings, Peggy and Steve Tyler

  5. Gretchen, I will be praying for you and your family for comfort to endure your loss! Also, I will continue to pray for you all to be used by God in amazing ways while you serve Him and His people in Haiti!

  6. thanks for sending the pics and the updates. We are praying for all of you and Gretchen my heart goes out to you as you celebrate the life of your grandma. Lindsey this house is way to quiet without you!!!

  7. Hi Gretchen. It is such a sweet way to honor Gramma and all she was by being where you are and doing what you are doing. Praying for you and with you all. I’ve been keeping up with your posts and didn’t realize I could comment until Brad mentioned he had left a comment. Know that my prayers are with you always… I love you more…

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