PVBC and Women’s Conference…

Bonswa! What a couple of days! Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak at the Woman’s Conference here in the church.  The women were so attentive and so responsive.  Their beautiful faces were a blessing to me.  The ladies of the team passed out crowns for all the royal daughters and we were all wearing our crowns…what a sight it was. The guys were busy painting gates at the church, a beautiful blue and red.  In the afternoon the ladies walked around the town, painting little fingers and toes, taking pictures of the kids…they laugh and giggle at the images of themselves. We experienced fresh coconut juice and the beauty of the Haitian people in the town. Last night, some of team went to the revival at the soccer field. With only a few lights in the field, the people were praising the Lord…struggling to see their Bibles. When we walked home, it was very dark and we could see candles burning in some of the houses.

Last night at dinner, Jody shared with us the needs at the mission.  The orphanage is opening in November with ten children.  Supplies of all kinds are needed for their care.  Creole Bibles are also needed, desperately.  There is just so much need, it breaks our hearts.  We have no idea how blessed we are in our country.  This morning, we rode to church in the back of their diesel truck. The beautiful voices of the Haitians singing was something we’ll never forget and when the children came to sang in front of the church, our hearts overflowed.  What a blessing it was to all of us.  We were invited back!

There are so many things I want to tell you about, but I can tell you that these people are the most beautiful and grace filled people I have seen, yet the stories we hear about what happens behind the walls of the homes, will make you cry.

This afternoon, we have some free time.  Maybe some more time to find some little fingers and toes to paint and big hugs to give. Thank you, God for allowing us to experience your work here.  Betty

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  1. Lindsey!! I hope your having a blast in Haiti. I am praying fornyou and your team every single night! You inspire me in what your doing and I totally look up to you. I hope all goes well with the rest of the trip and Kansas City misses you guys! Have fun and remember your doing this all for God. Have fun and be safe, love you 🙂

    – Slone Kays

  2. Betty – thanks for the update! So glad to hear how well your time went at the Women’s Conference. Thank you for your faithfulness in serving Him and stepping out in faith! We can’t wait to hear more about it. Love you! -Tim & Randi

  3. What an awesome sight to see! We are praying for the team to continue to do God’s work through them. A certain little 6 year old is very proud of his daddy and is letting everyone that he encounters know where you are and why you are there-whether they care to know or not! A 3 year old girl is so happy to see pictures of her daddy that is so far away, but still remains close in her heart. Continue to be a blessing in the lives of the Haitian people and keep the updates coming!

  4. Really enjoying the updates! It takes very special people to do what you & your team are doing. Dad & I are so proud of you Jason. You & your team are in our prayers. God’s Blessings & we love you, Jason!!

  5. Hi Lindsey,
    Thanks for writing and sending pictures. Always great to see your smile and the new friends you are meeting. Keep an eye on your dad. Love you more than you can imagine, mom

  6. Hello to Everyone
    So encouraged to hear all the good news. Jason-cant wait to hear all your stories when you get back. Really proud of you!!
    I will keep the prayers going.
    Take care and God bless you

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