PVBC Hut to Hut Experience…

We are having a wonderful time in Haiti.  It was an awesome day today.  We traveled to Jaco, an area north of the mole.  Jaco is like the country for us.  Very rural.  There are huts in middle of fields where people live. Most make charcoal and are vendors of crops at the markets.  We did hut to hut surveys in this area.  We broke into two teams.  My team only made it 100 ft. from the truck and people began to come to us.  We had interpreters with us.  We documented who they were, how many in family, where they lived, and their needs.

The other team actually made it to the area in the hills where there were more huts.  Dan said that when Pierre asked if we could come in to do the surveys they were very concerned about them coming in, so they did them outside. Their needs are very real down here.  They don’t even have clean water.  Education on boiling and providing water filters would go a long way.  It would keep much of the sickness away.  People are very grateful for us and we are very grateful they allow us into their lives.  These surveys opened the door for us to talk to them about Jesus and to just pray for them.  They were very happy for us to pray for them.  It really opened my heart, also.  It made me realize any problem I have at home is minimum compared to theirs.  They are working hard everyday just to survive.  This trip is truly changing my heart to what is important in life.  We completed 9 surveys.  I can see that we are planting the seeds for people to believe in Jesus here.   Later in the day we traveled back to the mole to help Jody with nutritional assessments at the church.  We were trying to target second and third degree malnutrition so they can qualify for a food program.  Out of 100 children 15 qualified.  They’re all hungry, but they have to meet the qualifications of the food program.  It is hard to see people hungry, but you have to start somewhere.  We are about to have another delicious dinner and rest this evening.  We are all doing great.  Please keep praying.

To Christa, Caden, and Kaleigh:  I love you and miss you.  The children down here love to see your pictures.  They want you to come down here and play with them!  That would be fun.  There are a lot of kids that act just like you guys.  I don’t know if that is good or bad.  Just kidding.  I love you guys and good job, Caden, for getting your Bobcat badge tonight.  I will see you guys Saturday.

It has been a great day!  I woke a bit sad this morning and really fought for strength.  Mary was playing some music and “Shout to Lord” began playing.  It reminded me that God is my tower, my refuge, my strength.  I found myself running to God today in prayer, hiding in His embrace and asked for strength.  He gave.  My heartache is real, but so is the heartache of these people.  We surveyed families and they all commented that “sometimes their bellies are hungry, but they can’t find any food.”  I don’t know that kind of hunger.  Even here I have my prepackaged snacks to curb the least bit of hunger.  Families wait for a length of time in hopes their children are malnourished enough to qualify for a nutrition program.  Many are just over the mark.  I felt so happy for those who did qualify.  Jody said that the program is good for the whole family.  It allows for more resources to feed the other children, and the person who brings the participant for his/her meal also gets to eat that meal.

To Brad, Hannah, Aubrey, and Italee:  I miss you all and love you so much!  My thoughts are with you (and the rest of the family).  I look at your photos many times of the day and wonder what you are doing.  Hannah, I miss our snugs as a bugs, Aubrey remember “forever and ever and so much.”  Italee, I miss those puckering lips for a kiss.  BTW Jody reads your comments to us, so keep ’em coming.

To my friends and the rest of my prayer support:  Thank you so very much.  I feel your prayers!  Thank you for stopping by the blog to read.


Hi from Haiti!
This week has been incredible. Everything here is so differrent from home. The pace of life is so much slower and we have learned that this isn’t always a bad thing. When we go to talk to people they stop right away no matter what they’re doing. Everyone is so kind and is so greatful for our help. Nights are pretty relaxing exept when you hear the dogs barking and when Betty, who sleep talks, yells out in her sleep, “Im going to kill you” multiple times. Also the spiders here are huge. They chill in the bathroom a lot and Mary screamed the first time she saw one. Dont worry Dan killed it. Im pretty sure it’s legs are still laying on the bathroom floor.

The kids sometimes have problems remembering our names, so we all are now named Betty. Gretchen, Betty, and I became human puppets last night. The little girl was fasinated with our hands and got so much joy out of a wet wipe. The days are flying by but we’re seeing God do amazing things in Haiti. Miss you family and mom I read your note today and everyone was wondering why I started laughing, you fiesty momma. Thanks for all your prayers and for reading!

HELLO From Haiti,
It has been such a wonderful experience to go to Jaco a small town about 1 hour from the Mole. The ride there and back is quite bumpy but beautiful. We got rained on coming back but that did not deter our helpers/ interpreters Pierre and Kinsen who whipped out a tarp to protect us. The best part was actually interviewing the villagers about their life, and how many people were in their family, how they experience all aspect of  daily life like getting water, food, and if they have have any needs for us to pray for them about. I was able to interview 4 people and every one of them asked for prayer for health, food provision, and Gods blessing.

These people are beautiful and have so many needs. God has blessed me to be a part of this effort and I will have a special committment for it.Special love and greetings to all my Landers small group, My husband Carl and my daughters Michelle and Lisa and Brytanni. Greetings to my coworkers Stacey and Kris and thanks to all who worked this week in the wound clinic.

Hi from Haiti!
Well, I have a reputation in the Mole now….I talk in my sleep and yell out things!  Who would have thought!
It has been a busy day, but a wonderful day.  As you have read, we traveled today beyond the air strip to a village which had never been visited by the mission.  While the surveys were being done, I read Bible stories to a group of little and big boys….setting in the middle of a field in Haiti, talking about how great our God is.  Some of the boys, got so close to the pages, repeating what I was saying with the same inflection I was using….very sweet…we handed out some Frisbees, Jesus stickers and and played with bubbles.

All in all, it was a wonderful day!  Even the rain coming back on the way back to the Mole felt good.  In the afternoon, we handed out coloring books and crowns to the children waiting at the church to talk with Jody regarding nutrition.  Vernon, honey, I love you and miss you!  Hi to all the wonderful people who supported me on this amazing trip.  God is showing his goodness and his amazing love and grace!


  1. Can’t wait for the kids to read all the good the team has done to spread the word of Jesus to those not fortunate enough to have the chance to get to know Him. Keep up your strength and your faith-you guys are doing awesome work!

  2. Nice paint jobs!! Bet that really spruces up some things! I imagine that they appreciate it and everything you guys are doing…It’s sounds like an amazing experience. And makes me think that you guys are doing just as Jesus did in his day. Very awesome!

  3. Hey Linds-Dance parties upstairs just aren’t as fun without my floormate/best friend! Neither are studying for tests and driving around in Molly. Can’t wait for you to come home so I can hear all your stories. Praying for you Sissy! LOVE YOU!!!!!

    P.S. What’d you think of the beach? Most beautiful place ever, right?? 🙂

  4. Gretchen, read your messages to the kids in a Cape Girardeau gas station. After I read Italee said we needed to pray, of course that’s when Hannah took over. Things we’re getting a bit stressful, so we left Iuka at 5pm Monday evening and arrived safely back home at 2:45am Tuesday. I’m so happy you’re enjoying your time, stay safe.

  5. Will continue to send prayers and thoughts to all of you. By the pictures and stories can tell you are all doing an amazing job of spreading the word of Jesus.

  6. Gretchen: My heart is full of anticipation for your return and the God-stories. I love seeing the pics (especially yours). You look good in the jungle 🙂 What a blessing you are to those around you. I am proud to call you family. We prayed for you specifically on Sunday nite at the Beth Moore Study. What a privilege prayer is. See you soon!

  7. Papa and Lindsey,

    Hope you are enjoying your stay in Haiti. Have been praying for you guys daily. Love you and be safe…O and DO WORK!


  8. Hey Lindsey,

    Looks like you found the beach and your dad was actually suntanning? HA! It’s looks beautiful! Saw sissy c tonight at PHS volleyball game. We all miss you and love you very much! Can’t wait to hear your stories! love, mom

  9. Great to see the smiles, praying for strength for you all and Linds I hope the stomach is feeling better by tomorrow. We miss you all so much and anxious to see you Friday! Hang in there Dano! Love you guys!

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