Preskul and Marouge…

Hello from Haiti…
This morning, after breakfast, we all got in a boat and headed out to Peskul, a fishing village about 20 minutes by boat from the Mole.  The ocean was beautiful…as we pulled into the “harbor” we could see the little straw houses setting up the hill.  We took a tube full of stickers, nail polish and frisbees to play with.  We also took an electronic device, called a Creole Proclaimer….the chapters of the Bible, in Creole. It can be charged by hand and by a small solar panel.  We explained to them what it was and how it worked so we could leave it with the villagers and they could listen to it after we left. It was amazing how quiet the villagers were as they stood around listening to the Proclaimer.

We then pulled out the nail polish and started painting fingers and toes….thank you everyone for all the nail polish…it is being used.  The cistern, built at the village is not working because it takes an additional $1500 dollars for parts to finish it.  We also took them some precious water from the Mole. These people subsist on fish they catch from the sea and when the hurricanes come (shortly) they will not be able to catch the fish that they eat.  The soil is too rocky for gardens…they probably eat one meal a day…some perhaps, every other day.  You can tell there is a hunger problem.  They need our help so bad just to stay alive.  As we left, we told them we would be back on Thursday…for a wedding we will bring food for with pretty dresses and decorations.  Our hearts are breaking for them.  Mary and I stayed at the Mole this afternoon, sorting dresses for the wedding and unpacking medical supplies.  We are condensing luggage because our luggage will go out tomorrow for PAP.  Part of the team went to Marouge to show a movie……until tomorrow….God bless!

Continued… From Mary
We spent time sorting the dresses  and the neighbor was standing on the side of her house admiring them. They were so beautiful. When we noticed she was watching we held them up to let her see them. After we finished we got finger nail polish to see if she wanted her nails polished. Of course she did but she wanted to clean her hands and feet first. So we let her take the polish to do it later and told her to, bring it back tomorrow. We found out her name was Marie and she has three children.  Another young boy named Kenny helped us to talk to her as he is practicing his english with us. We then asked if we could pray for both of them. Kenny’s dad died and his mom is raising 6 children. We prayed for both of them and she held our hand and said thank-you with a smile.
We also put all the medical supplies up and I was able to talk to Jody about how to use some specialty dressings. Overall it was a wonderful day.!

Dan, Jason, Lindsey, and I had another round of tooshie torture as we went to Marouge.  We ride in an army truck that tends to be a bit rough.  We blew bubbles with the kids, showed a movie as they ate lolipops, and painted lots of fingernails & toenails.  We then rode back with two goats who will see their end tomorrow.  We will enjoy them at the wedding dinner in Preskul on Thursday.  Dan named one Billy, who was quite vocal on the ride home.  Thank you all for your comments.  They are very encouraging for us all.  Love you Brad, Hannah, Italee, Aubrey, Sharon, Mom, etc…

Today we went to Peskul and to Marouge! It was an awsome day but also very busy. This week has gone by so fast and God has already done so many amazing things this week.

Slone-thank you so much for your comment the other night! I hope your doing well and I cant wait to see you. And Kels I miss my best friend too. I wish you were here! Tell momma I say hello. Bubba-dont worry were doing work, love you so much.  Thanks for all the prayers!!
PS. Lil Sis is doing awesome, the girly girl is a natural. The days move at a slow pace but the week is going by quickly. Miss you all much, we will see you soon. Love, Dan

Another good day at the mole.  I love it here, very relaxing.  The people love to tease each other and are so happy.  During our long trips in back of the army truck the haitian workers tease each other and just laugh the whole time.  I have no idea what they are saying but they make me laugh.  It was fun to play frisbee with the kids and when we showed the movie a 9 year old girl sat next to me and just held my hand during the movie.  They just want to be held here.  They don’t get that much.

Caden and Kaleigh, we showed them the movie, Dispicable Me, in French.  They just laughed and laughed.  I love you guys and can’t wait to see you.  Thank you so much for the comments.  It makes me proud to know that Caden is so interested in my trip.  And I love hearing Kaleigh likes the pictures.  Christa, the teenage boys here wanted to see a picture of you.  After I showed them they wanted our number and email.  Huh, wonder why?  Mom and Justin, love hearing from you guys.  Your comments are encouraging.  Love you all.     Jason


  1. Caden just laughed when he thought of the idea of coming to Haiti and playing with the kids! He probably really wishes he could. What a beautiful land with so much need. It is heartbreaking that not everyone is able to be helped. Only by the grace of God…I forgot to mention that Tillie says hi to everyone too and she is being brushed and fed! We love and miss you. I hope that you guys are enjoying your time with what seems like beautiful people!

  2. Jason, I talked to mom this morning…she was worried about your boat ride…hoped that you didn’t get sick 😉 Sure does look beautiful and seems like an appreciative, loving people. The Creole Proclaimer sounds like great idea! Also, how do they plan on getting the cistern finished? Anyways, as always…great work and be careful. With Love, Justin

  3. Jason, yes I was worried about you getting sick on the boat. Sounds like everything went well. It was good hearing from you. Praying for a safe trip home for you & your team. I’m sure it will be really sad having to leave, but you should be very proud of yourself in everything you did there. God’s Blessings & Love you!

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