Wonderful Wednesday With PVBC…

It’s Wednesday.  Our journey in Haiti is nearing an end.  Today we continued our surveys and qualified 5 more children for the nutrition program.  I met so many precious people and had the honor to pray over them.  They will forever be in my heart and I will continue to pray for them.  Our physical strength is fading, so please pray for God’s strength.  Tomorrow we return to Preskul to decorate for the weddings and we will be a part of their celebration.  Many here can’t afford to be married, so this is truly an honor to witness.

The wedding lady and a journalist and photographer from USA Today arrived today.  I am so excited for the festivities.  Kids, hang in there.  Only 2 more days!  I hope you’re not driving your daddy nuts. I can’t wait to see you!  I love you & miss you!

Gretchen <><


It’s is getting close to the end of our trip. I have mixed feelings about leaving.  The area we surveyed today was very, very poor, up in the hills above the mission.  Everyone we talked to said that they did not getting  enough to eat.  They treat their water with clorox or aqua tabs, but eventually, that can case health problems.

One lady had 11 children, was living with her partner and said she wanted to get married because she didn’t want to die in sin.  They are fisherman and raise a few crops…but the land they live on is mostly rock…I miss you and love you, honey!  See you soon. God has been so evident each day…praise him for this journey!



The journey here is coming to an end but God has been faithful to allow us to be a part of something very special. We did more surveys today and we prayed with each family for Gods provision, good health and blessings on their whole family. The children are so precious and friendly. The wedding lady came today and we are looking forward to all the festivities in Preskul. I am looking forward to our trip home so we can share all we have learned here. Love you all and see you soon.



Just wanted to tell everyone hi and today was another God filled day.  The trip is coming to an end.  And I have mixed emotions.  I can’t wait to see Christa and the kids as well as the rest of my family.  But, I have met a couple of people hear that it will be hard to say goodbye knowing their lifes go on here.  Hopefully, we touched their lives because I know they are huge for my life.  Christa, Caden and Kaleigh, I love you.



Lindsey and Dan say hi.


  1. Father God, Abba, I praise Your name for this team who have shared a truly testing call. May they know that You always give more than You take and You are faithful to complete the good work that You have started. I pray they the people of Haiti will repent of their sin, come to know You, love You, and serve You. I pray that the team will be refreshed and renewed for their last hours of this journey. I pray for travel mercy as You bring them safely home. Amen.

  2. One more day! May God strengthen you all as I can’t imagine how hot it is there and the country that has to be climbed, but I know He will provide what you need to make it through. Can’t wait until you get home, because Caden wants to know what you have been eating for dinner in Haiti-I had no clue! I have been trying to keep up with your cooking skills, but the kids said my tuna casserole just wasn’t as good as yours :(. I hope tomorrow is a day of celebration not only for the wedding parties, but also for the good work your team has done. Hopefully you have planted a seed in someone to start seeking!

  3. Hey Linds! Praying for you since you’re feeling yucky! Hopefully you are feeling well enough to enjoy your last day! Hang in there, I can’t wait to see you soon! Love you so much!

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