Going to Preskul and We’re Going To Get Married…

Today three couples changed their lives forever! We had a beautiful ceremony in Preskul today. Paster Sefimen from Port-de-Paix came out to officiate. The Wedding Team came yesterday to fit all the brides and grooms! The journalist from USA Today was here interviewing all of the couples. She asked them – Why do you want to get married? Without fail they all said – “Because we don’t want to live in sin anymore”. If you asked that question in the states – I’m not sure you’d get the same answer.

The Women’s Group sang at the wedding as well as a local from their village.  Jody spoke and told the couples from this day forward they are free from their bondage! In Haiti if you aren’t married but have children you cannot sing in the choir. You cannot stand up front in the church! The women feel like they are “nobody”. But when they get married all of that changes. You could just tell at the wedding that the women really felt like today – they were “somebody”.

When the couples kissed the crowd went wild! Everyone feasted on rice, beans, and goat! The celebration was a huge success and I feel honored that I got to be there and experience it.

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