The Battle Of Mole St Nicholas…

In a scenic, coastal town on the Northwest shore of Haiti a battle rages everyday. Beneath the palm and banana trees, along the beautiful beaches it’s a battle of good vs. evil, Christ vs. Satan. While these battles occur everyday all over the world, this battle is very visible, it is on the front lines against one of Satan’s strongholds.

Satan has deceived the people of the Mole. Outwardly the people are friendly, gracious, and joyful despite their circumstances. A closer, deeper look reveals oppression, exploitation, depression and despair, violence and cruelty. The level of injustice is enormous.

Examples of Satan’s power are widespread: women are beaten behind closed doors, most of the young girls are molested by their family members, superstition is a way of life and voodoo priests terrorize and intimidate with their curses and pagan practices, an alcoholic grandmother releasing her frustrations by beating her grandchildren everyday, prideful pastors will let children starve before telling parents of a feeding program sponsored by another church for fear of losing them to that congregation. This on top of the poverty, illness and little to no health care, lack of clean water, not enough food to go around, and limited opportunities for education. The list is very long.

On the other side in the strength of Christ we fight back. One hug at a time, a smile and a wave, a painted fingernail, mini-VBS programs, nutritional programs, a pick-up soccer game, a new orphanage and cafeteria, a painted gate, and decorations for a wedding in a fishing village. Every little act of love, kindness, and compassion erodes the stranglehold Satan has on this beautiful community.

Friends ask me why do I go to Haiti and the answer is very simple. God called me to the front lines for a few days to help fight the battle. While fighting He gently teaches and transforms me. He deepens my appreciation for how He has blessed me, He breaks my heart for the children living in extreme poverty, He makes me angry at the injustice, and He whispers in my ear, “Just trust Me, follow Me, let Me show you how to help in the fight.”

The beautiful thing is we are on the winning side. Christ’s resurrection sealed the victory. Satan is defeated, the war is over even though the battles continue. “Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” I COR 15:57.

How about you? Jody, Jose, Beth, and the Mole NWHCM staff are on the front lines everyday, leading the battle. They could use your help. Is God calling you to fight, to support the troops, to be a prayer partner? If so,trust God and take the next step! “He has shown you O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8


  1. I feel like someone stepped into my brain and wrote my feelings. These words speak so much truth. The Groves family continues to pray for you who is on the front line every day. We were at the Mole two weeks ago and I wish I could come back tomorrow. Jodi, I went to David Powers yesterday and relayed to him that I feel God is wanting me to lead the next team from Momentum CC to the Mole. We will have to see what happens.

  2. Jodie….
    I can’t wait to comeback!! I left part of my heart at the Mole. I will pray for you and Jose and the kids each day and each one of the precious people we met while we were privileged to be there… you guys!

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