Marouge Give-Away

On Behalf of the Marouge Church:

Thank you Elias and Mory for your generous donation towards our people. The church was able to deliver several goats and chickens to very poor families. Now they can use those animals to help support themselves. The people here are so grateful for the week you spent with us. We will never forget you and your kindness.

Pastor Caesar


One comment

  1. Greetings Jodi, Jose, Pastor Cesear and Haiti Friends,
    We hosted life group last night and were to study Romans 5,but they wanted to hear about our time in Haiti first, so after 2/12 hours of sharing and answering questions about Haiti, mostly our time in Mare Rouge, we decided Romans would be next week! They all share our excitement about how we can do God’s will there, and our group, at least, wants to start now, rather than later! We miss you all, but know that you are in our hearts every minute.
    Praying for Haiti,
    Steve and Karla

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