Maple Ave Day 5…

Hey all!
Today was another great day up in Savane Mole. Despite being out yesterday, I was back to normal and ready to go. (Thanks for the prayers!) We started the day off with a great breakfast as usual and hit the road again with more surveys.

At around 12 all the kids were out of school and we made our way over to the local soccer field. (It seems that I’ve become the kid with the soccer balls.) Donnie tested out his skills as goalie and actually ended up doing quite well. Even our translators decided to join in on the fun. When it was time for VBS we headed back to the school and Karen taught a great lesson on Jesus’ love of children. As soon as it was over it started to rain the hardest it had since we’ve been here. So we loaded up anyway and made the ride back.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support. I hope things are going well and my love goes out to all. The people we’re meeting have really opened our eyes so please pray that we take the things that we’ve learned here and truly live a changed life.
Best wishes,
Love Austin


I can’t believe how quickly this week has gone.  Tomorrow is Sat. and we are headed to a fishing village and then to the beach.  Yep… read that correctly….we are going to the beach!  Chad, are G & G doing ok?  And would you please tell your sister to comment!!  Tell the kiddos hello!  Love and miss you all!
Love, Karen


Hi family  thanks for well wishes  My turn to blog Sat.  All I wish to say is it’s been hot enough that I won’t need heat for this winter   Love Ed


Hey my beautiful family…love you guys and miss you like crazy.  Thanks to all you guys who are sacrificing so I can be here.  Thanks for your prayers.  We are having a great time, a heartbreaking time, and an exhausting time!  But we are, as Jody says, “Tired for Jesus.”   Be glad to see you so keep praying for us…Love Donnie and Daddy.

**Please feel free to comment. All comments will be read at dinner time.


  1. Hello again all, sounds like jam packed days, stay energized about the good work you’re doing. Mom G&G are doing pretty good. The test he was worried about is fine, appt in Peoria on the 14th, i told them to set it up. I’m sure one of us can manage.

  2. Dad, You are starting to look tired. You are doing great and important work. I’m sure it’s exhausting (but rewarding). Sam and Andy made it safely to California. They are out to dinner right now with International officers at a place called Tony Roma’s. The rest of us are having a quiet night at home. That’s a rarity these days! Love you!! JuJu

  3. Hi Austin!!! So glad you are feeling better!! (you know how I like my exclamation marks!!) God is doing awesome things in your life. I love you so much!!! I miss you!! Love, Moma

  4. Hi Austin!!! Its so cool to be able to read about your experiences! I’m so glad you are feeling better!! It makes me happy that you’re known as the soccer kid – its just so appropriate 🙂 I love you so much and I’m so proud of you! I can’t wait to hear about all the amazing things God is doing in your life and in the lives of the beautiful people of Haiti. Continue to trust and lean on Him and be open to what he has for you there. I’m praying for you! Lots of love, Amber 🙂

  5. Great to read about what all you are doing….God is working through all your efforts. We will miss you all tomorrow during worship service, but we know we are all worshiping together in spirit.
    Bruce your house, car, mail, newspapers are well cared for. Have you found a source for caffiene without your “Dew”?
    We welcome this 25 hour day. Just think of all the clocks that will need resetting when you get home.
    We send our love and prayers to all,

  6. Hello, everyone! Love the pictures and daily post. Karen the kids really miss you and hope you are having fun! We have had a good day, went to Emmet Chalmers for the annual firefighters breakfast, Eli had Tae kwon Do, and mom made a birthday dinner for Chad. Not quite the same significance as the day you put in, i’m sure, but a good day here! Lori

  7. I have commented, mom. 🙂 It is under day 4.

    We are all doing well. Talked to grandma this morning & they are good too. Just tired.

    Brady got to spend part of the day at the farm today & was reading to me last night!!

    Bailey is following us to the kitchen often. She is also now spitting with her tongue out instead of just her lips. She thinks she is quite funny!

    Hope you all had an enjoyable day at the beach! Brady couldn’t belive you got to go there without him!

    Miss you & can;’t wait to see & talk to you!


  8. Hey Ed! Looks like you’re having great fun and working hard. You’ll have lots to talk about when you get back! All you’re missing here is the wind and forecasted rain. So if you see an autumn leaf fluttering by . . . it could be from Illinois! Ann.

  9. Hey Ed! Looks like everyone is having fun and working hard. Glad you are enjoying the heat 🙂 Our weather here is windy and soon to be rainy. So, if an autumn leaf flutters by you . . . it could be from Illinois! You’ll have lots to talk about when you get back. Ann.

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